Microsoft Lumia 535 tour and first impressions

Microsoft Lumia 535 tour and first impressions


Microsoft’s first branded Lumia is the Lumia 535 Windows Phone. Although it is yet-another budget phone, this time Microsoft gets a lot of it right. More information and HD photos can be found here: Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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  1. Complete garbage now discontinued just like windows mobile don’t you feel a fool


  3. What's the box price of lumia 550


    Reporting in from 2018, Windows Phone is dead.
    I got this phone in 2015, and I loved it. I still have it and use it as my daily driver. Even if it breaks, I'll never throw it away.
    EDIT: I was one of the people who had problems with the touch screen. It wasn't accurate at times and sometimes didn't respond to the touch. A reboot fixed it, though.

  5. Microsoft NOKIA📱🎆🎉😇😃😇😶🎉🎇🎍🎏📱💵😶🎊🎄🎁🎂🎈🌎🌙🌞🔧🔨🚴🛣🏍

  6. I'm using this phone more than a year now and I like how the quality works and its amazing because it has its own originality not like all the phones out there like vivo who copies the design of the apple phone and the apple phone copies the Samsung phone like r Yu kidding. Me its ridiculous so I prefer using Microsoft even tho it's expensive

  7. How do I unlock the code, I have this lumia but I can't use it ,, it said enter unlock code ,,

  8. I know this may make you feel like I'm being a rich kid but I don't want an iphone I want this phone iphone is kinda boring so I want this phone (Mostley cause I like halo and on this phone cortana is on there)

  9. Can I get Facebook messenger on this?

  10. how to download and install Google duo app in this phone…please reply soon

  11. blu or green the phone is awesome

  12. can I download some app in the phone,like Barclays, some shopping app?

  13. double tap to wake annoys me when i listen to music it turns my phone on then pauses my music or changes songs or restarts the current song

  14. how to installed clash of clans lumio 535

  15. Can I upgrade my lumia 535 to Windows 10?

  16. Should i get this one or 550 cuz i need it mostly for gaming but i cant find it in the stores (the stores named as a sim card)

  17. Is this an upgrade to Samsung galaxy grand neo plus?

  18. i currently have Microsoft Lumia 532, i was thinking to upgrade to this phone, is it worth it?

  19. There all pretty much the same all boring

  20. does microsoft phones have youtube?

  21. Only 2 word for you FUCK YOU

  22. i have this phone for almost a year . running win 10 official build it's nice but the touch issue is not fixed .when charging. hoping the microsoft will fix it . ! . in next update

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