Microsoft Camera in Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Camera in Windows Phone 8.1


Like every other feature, even the default Camera app is getting a major upgrade with Windows Phone 8.1 in terms of its UI. Almost all the routinely used settings can now be accessed directly from the viewfinder, with an option to customise the shortcuts as per your requirement.

The settings also suggest a new photos layout based on grouping by date & time.

You can read more details at our post here –


  1. Bhai nokia 305 me software update nhi ho rha h or wifi nhi mil rha h

  2. Hey Yash Masheshwari, can you tell me the name of the song playing in the video? Or give me a download link? That would be awesome! 

  3. Is it possible to take high resolution photos with the default 8.1 camera app or is it stuck at about 8MP like the stupid previous version?

  4. After I updated my W-phone on 8.1,my camera don't  work anymore.

  5. Oh hello! Have you tried – Pycane DSLR Camera Tricks (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law shot some excellent results with it.

  6. where did you get wp 8.1 pleese say

  7. How did u update your L920 ???, im a developer unlocked phone and i didnt receive any update??

  8. The new windows blinds animation is really clunky and out of place.

  9. İt looks like they fucked up Nokia camera and renamed it Microsoft camera

  10. Make some new video man …;)

  11. microsoft camera +nokia camera….. = good

  12. Please show us Live Lock Screen and start screen backgrounds in next video.

  13. It's actually not useless at all! The default app takes much better quality images than the Nokia camera. I'm a huge fan of Nokia camera's excellent interface and featues but I recently learnt this after reading a lumia 1020 review and comparing shots on my phone. Test it and see

  14. guys whats the name of the song?

  15. i wish you tap on the Front Camer switch..

  16. so after you leaked cortana without giving any voice command, now you leak the Camera app with capturing some black screens…

  17. an important option is that the videos can be pause recording and then be able to resume with the same, should add that option is very important.

  18. what is the point in this? its dull and unexciting. if u had taken actual picture of.something wd be useful. burst modes would have been good to see spead of focusing and taking image of somsthing, taking black will not give same.

  19. No one care about this just show the background tiles ffs

  20. when will you show us the file manager ?

  21. I like the Nokia pro Cam's UI better

  22. @Yash Maheshwari This wp8.1 version is being tested in India?

  23. 1:53 "show these settings in viewfinder" what is that??

  24. tip for the uploader .. use fixed focus mode like hyperfocal .. autofocus is always going to struggle with a hand moving in and out of shot …

  25. Nokia camera aap is much better n simple

    and more in depth.

  27. @HadicanÇatak Nokia camera app sucks! It causes duplicates

  28. 2:20 look at the Cortana tile, it animates!

  29. i love the music anyone else ? lol

  30. Still I prefer Nokia Camera app…

  31. can you please show the notifications center more in depth?

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