Michael Fisher’s top Windows Phone apps – Pocketnow Insider

Michael Fisher’s top Windows Phone apps – Pocketnow Insider


The Windows Store, a.k.a. Ground Zero. The flash point for millions of arguments raging across the internet, red-faced defenders squaring off against sneering attackers in the Great Platform Debate of the twenty-teens: are there enough Windows Phone apps to make the platform relevant?

Fortunately, thanks to the recent arrival of such long-sought and well-known titles as Instagram, Spotify, and Snapchat (the latter thanks to excellent third-party app 6snap), that debate is growing less and less one-sided. The Windows Phone app situation is improving so steadily, in fact, that Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently felt confident enough to claim that the app-gap will end with 2014.

Whether that promise pans out or not isn’t our concern here – and truly, neither are the platform’s much-ballyhooed “top apps.” Because for every Twitter or Pandora, there are tens of lesser-known titles that are crucial to keeping Windows Phone usable, useful, and fun. And since Taylor Martin shared his top iOS and Android apps in last week’s edition of the Pocketnow Insider, I thought you folks might like to know what I’m using to get the most out of my Lumia 1020 these days.

So click the video and check out the titles that keep my tiles spinning, then jump into the comments section to tell us what Windows Phone apps make your list of favorites!

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Michael Fisher’s top Windows Phone apps – Pocketnow Insider



  1. Such a throw back,the music,and especially,the Host

  2. Does anyone on the Pocketnow team use a Windows Phone as their daily driver?

  3. It feels nice listening to you

  4. his voice literally puts me to sleep

  5. Too bad though, metro tube isn't free anymore . . -_-

  6. Thanks Mike. I bought a Nokia Lumia Icon despite the fact it still does not have the 8.1 update it still is a rocken phone!!! As far as apps go and games I put on phone system update to update the phone along with the regular update it updates stuff like WiFi and compass as other things in the phone like Nokia Maps and stuff. I am a big time hard core gamer so I down load all the big games I had from other phones. I had a Lumia 925 as well a 900 so I have a good library of apps and games.

  7. so guys….i am currently using windows phone lumia 730……the most important problem which i found with windows phone is its privacy  to other apps…that is….we cant lock application like facebook,watssapp,messenger etc ……even though windows store provides applocker to lock these kinda apps….these locked apps can be easily accesed from the windows applist page with out even the need for password……so have a solution to this problem guys?????

  8. Lol were u playing Asphalt 8 in reverse? :p

  9. @B1N1N1M Google experience which openly sells you ads. One thing, metrotube has no ads while playing YouTube. Go burn android users! Ha ha!

  10. 1.Share to speech … Oh it is almost like a first party app! Works flawlessly.
    2. Video tuner … Was pleasantly surprised to see such a rich video editor by Microsoft.
    3. Poki and Newsly … Pocket and feedly clients.
    4. One drive, one note and office lens.

  11. Solaborate Windows 8.1 app is featured as top rated on Windows Store. #windows8_1 #windowsstore #tech #IT #app

  12. try Databot indigo and onetube

  13. Coast to Coast Am is a must have app

  14. I just watched your video about making titanic model. Hahaha fisher your hobby if making ship models.

  15. My top 5: Skinery Themes, MyTube, Chess By Post, App Folders, Nokia Mix Radio.

  16. Respect Michael Fisher!
    However, where are productivity apps?! If I were to consider a WP8 gadget, I would that for the history off that kind of applications. I am so worried about buying one and get pinned with a limited application variety from their play store, or so I call it from a Google experience, in comparison to Android.

  17. Cool tiles
    app social
    Nokia creative studio

  18. Did you drive backwards on asphalt 8!!!??

  19. Top Apps:
    1. Deadbolt.
    2. Quick Settings.
    3. Mini Recorder.
    4. Mirror's Edge.
    5. Imagine Cam.
    Device : Lumia 720

  20. hey MF where are you now a days no phones reviewed by you, man I love your reviews

  21. 1. Metrotube
    2.Asphalt 8
    3.amazing weather HD
    4.Bing sports

  22. Just downloads fotor. Thank you

  23. Is minecraft PE on it.

  24. My Favorite is Adobe Photoshop Express 

  25. Michael, have you tried myTube before? IMHO, it is better than MetroTube?

  26. for me battery app is better than connectivity shortcuts it includes the shortcuts and the battery level itself it's by artur semonov i think 

  27. I'll list my favorite apps that I regularly use on my WP8 (920). They are written alphabetically. 

    1. DB Navigator (Best app to use in Germany and in locations wherever Deutsche Bahn operates)
    2. Divums F1 Live!
    3. Flashlight XT
    4. i Podcast
    5. IMDb
    6. On this day
    8. PayPal
    9. Photostatic Free
    10. The Big Bang Theory Transcripts
    11. The Times of India
    12. Tweetalyst
    13. Zinio

  28. Good vid.would love more wp8 vids

  29. Rise to glory is on Android too!

  30. Most of the apps run equally well on every WP device, but you might find a few that require 1GB of RAM. But you won't have a problem with any of the apps Michael talked about

  31. Of course there are, hundreds (if not thousands). Endomondo, runtastic, addidas micoach, etc etc. For the moving train maybe a GPS app would be better though

  32. It just happens that Microsoft fully supports Google and its platform, while Google is purposedly blocking youtube and not developing any app but Google search for Microsoft's platforms. I am not a fan of the scroogled campaign by any means, but Google does need to get a kick in the balls for the increasingly "evil" attitude they are displaying.

  33. The most you could get in windows phone is top 5 apps that's it the rest aren't even good

  34. im so addicted to my favorite reviewers. . . pocketnow for be is the best

  35. im so addicted to my favorite reviewers. . . pocketnow for be is the best

  36. Do michaels top 5 android apps

  37. You're fucking handsome. This is coming from a straight male getting married soon.

  38. 1- das image
    2- Fantasia painter free
    3- Here drive
    4- GetThemAll
    5- music+ (third party app)
    6- Nokia camera
    7- TubePro
    8- TVshow
    9- Warp (game)
    10- Run The Shadow (game)

  39. The phone could have the greatest specs in the market but that OS is a deal breaker for me, just dont think I could enjoy it, would rather go back to my old BlackBerry

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