Lumia 650 Review

Lumia 650 Review


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  1. Lumia 650 it's slow for Windows 10 work slow

  2. As usual I get the phone and THEN I watch the reviews 😂😂😂😂

  3. Can you make a video for Lumia 550

  4. Can I receive newest creators update? Will it be stable after update? Hope you answer.

  5. I am so sick of people associating metal builds with quality

  6. Beautiful and silky smooth O.S. on an amoled display packed in quality hardware, for only 100€ and mayority of the people keep buying sluggish android and bending iphones for a fortune..

  7. Once they stopped doing whatever drugs made them think this was worth $199, I snatched one up (at $40). It's pretty, but form only wins over function for the Apple hipsters. I can appreciate the premium build, but after confirming that this does not perform as well as my 640… I'm still asking the question I asked when this was announced: why on Earth did they follow up the (surprisingly competent) Lumia 640 with a phone that actually punches lower? You're spot on that this should've come with a 617.

  8. guys is it worth it or 950?

  9. I have a Lumia 650. Games are playable not the best frame rate, but apps are really fast

  10. i want the phone👌👌

  11. would you recommened it as a upgrade for the microsoft lumia 640

  12. i have it and its great! way better than samsung of iphone!!! easy menu, speedy use! what more you need. if you use mail, internet, podcast, messenger or maps its for you. but if you think apple will make you happy, you can spend over 400€ for the same machine. i had iphone 5s and i have now lumia and i have to say, its better every day!!! well done microsoft !!!

  13. They could have put a snapdragon 430 atleast .the 617 would have been better

  14. Windows Hello support?

  15. you shoud add otg support

  16. Hey.. Isn't there Sunlight readability feature in Lumia 650?

  17. Guys, did this phone get a performance boost with the Anniversary update? if so, I might get one.

  18. lags…….. lags everywhere

    c'mon, Microsoft

  19. Facebook and messenger on my 650 get d/c all the time , that the biggest problem , messenger have been upgraded but still get d/c .

  20. amoled is the best type of screen ever!

  21. I know that when it was first launched the 650 was laggy with many bugs.Does anyone know if they have fixed it now(with updates) ? because im interested to buy it

  22. No one ever mentions the speaker quality. It does have front facing speakers right?

  23. i have an i i dont care abt apps

  24. I have a lumia 650 and was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly it ran considering the low specs. Windows 10 mobile makes android feel overly complicated and laggy.

  25. this phone doesn't have compass and gyroscope.will this affect when using gps ?

  26. Im having 5.7 inch windows phone upgradable to windows 10 looking cool

  27. I have been using it for more than a week and I love it! It's a great phone, very thin, slim and looks premium. My friends and I were impressed with the display. Great phone for this price.

  28. It's good so far for me just weird little bugs like random network disconnections, short battery life, random white noise. Aside from that I'm loving it

  29. Can you use Hey Cortana? Can you use the call recording option?

  30. I was thinking about buying this , but I'll stick with 635 for another year, if Surface phones are reality.

  31. Lumia 650 vs a3 2016 which better?

  32. Looking at these comments, if I take a powerful battery powered desktop PC with a screen, and sell it as a phone, I should have a winner.

  33. This phone should have a snapdragon 615. Why Microsoft? They always set windows phone up for failure

  34. very stilysh design…but i still go with the 640 xl

  35. if it just has good specs on sheet..ill go for this fone.😧

  36. 2000mAh battery… C'mon, MS!

  37. Nope! you showed apps like 6tag, twitter which have not been optimised for windows 10…..Point to be noted here that I am not defending Microsoft or windows…just correct you data man before you post videos…..downvote for this

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