Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM Full Review – Great Camera, Premium Look

Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM Full Review – Great Camera, Premium Look


Microsoft Lumia 640 XL review with a look at its build, cameras, issues, display, performance, web browsing and more. The Lumia 640 XL Dual-SIM India retail unit comes with a great 5.7-inch 720p HD IPS display clad in Corning Gorilla Glass 3 running on a Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor with 1GB RAM, 8GB expandable storage with Windows Phone 8.1 update 2. The focus here is on the 13MP rear camera with Zeiss optics and a good 5MP front selfie-camera.

Timecoded parts of the Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM review:
1. Intro (00:04)
2. Build Quality (00:33)
3. Display (01:23)
4. Network & Call Quality (01:46)
5. Camera (02:04)
6. Music Playback (03:13)
7. Video Playback (03:38)
8. Software – Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 (04:04)
9. Web Browsing (4:54)
10. Performance (05:15)
11. Gaming (05:40)
12. Battery-life (05:57)
13. Wrap-up – Pros & Cons (06:07)

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  1. good review. Awful phone IMHO. Purchased yesterday and yes, I know I am little late to this, but wanted a cheap phone with good features. So far, I have found the following issues:
    – no Chrome browser option. Google and Windows battle of course
    – messenger within facebook, both in the app and through a browser is awful. Fails to respond to key presses and there is no alternative I can see in the store.
    – a warning shows re: slow charging if you are not using an 'approved' cable. The one that came packaged with it is too short in my view
    – I haven't found battery life to be any better than my previous Samsung phone


  3. where to go microsoft lumia or redmi note 3..???? plz help

  4. Overall a good phone but it could use a better OS from Microsoft. The phone itself is wonderful…I mean many of us actually takes pictures in low lighy situations on a daily basis? The camera is decent enough,the battery life is excellent,the price is not a wallet buster,it continues to receive software updates and I enjoy using it. Sure it takes a bit of patience but this phone works for me.

  5. camera is really bad at low light so after buying it for two days i bought it back and refunded my money worst camera!

  6. Front cam is also Carl Zeiss optics?

  7. In the same price segment android phone comes in 2GB RAM. So in case case of Windows is 1GB of RAM sufficient?

  8. is it need to download anti virus apps?

  9. Guys this phone has a really bad camera.. It doesnot work good under low light… Live images looks great at begining but fade or washed away at the end…. MS is making people fool by clicking picture in good light.. PhoneBunch please highlight this issue if you find the same….

  10. Hello Phonebunch, May I know if it supports games that are sent from an android phone via share it application?

  11. I am a moderate gamer.I play games like subway surfer
    Will it run this sort of games nice?

    If yes is it good to buy this device.

  12. Dear friends, never buy lumia 640 xl, why because its buggy, laggy and awful camera specially in low light. i bought this phone and by God i sold it after 20 days of usage. i cannot bear its lags and bugs. So my sincere advise to all who are planning to buy this phone please dont and if you do then you will regret day and night.

  13. i have lumia 640 xl , i want to know which shooting game is this?

  14. windows phone why not make imo tango apps?

  15. How is the battery life.? And does it has Google keep app? Thanks

  16. is it a water resistant or not….coz some damage might happn if it rains

  17. excellent review, I have a question though, does this version support voice keyboard?

  18. what else can i use to send big files.

  19. is the flash powerfull enough to capture in complete low light

  20. can you make camera review of 640 xl and asus zenfone 2 laser

  21. great review, new subscriber here. I have a question though, is this phone upgradable to Windows 10?

  22. Please let me know if 8 GB is enough or not? if we transfer the apps to the SD card does it still leave some data on the phone memory or there is no trace of apps;s data in the phone memory. I like this phone but stuck with memory thing. I don't know how much user available memory is on this device and how much will it be after i have transfered apps to sd card..

  23. Very Cool Phone, bought it 2 days ago and really have everything with awesome fully working well 🙂 and skype is wow, Games working cool, no any problems and really safe system

  24. Another good review … I have an Nokia 920 and I'm starting to look for a replacement and 640lx looks good but… the snapdragon 400 is already a bit old and so I wonder how this phone will preform when Windows 10 comes around…If they had used a 615 ,it would be a done deal for me.

  25. You are the first Indian reviewer that I like to watch. 🙂

  26. if only it's Nokia Lumia not Microsoft Lumia

  27. Will you do a full review for microsoft lumia 540 dual sim?

  28. can you make a video comparing Lumia 730 and Lumia 640XL..??!!

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