Literally the coolest iPhone X app in existence | The Parallax View

Literally the coolest iPhone X app in existence | The Parallax View


This app really doesn’t serve a purpose other than showcasing what the tech can do. Just a tech demo. But it is really impressive to see! What do you think?

► Camera | Canon 80D :
► Lens| 24-70MM F2.8L :
► Vlogging Camera | Sony RX100 V :
► LED Lights :
► Light on Top of Camera:
► Microphone:
► Tripod :
► Video Head :
► Bag for Mavic Pro & DSLR:
► Drone for travel | DJI Mavic Pro:
► Drone for better footage | Phantom 4 Pro :
► Live Subscriber Counter:
► La-Z-Boy Desk Chair:


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  1. hay i just spent 1k on an iphone but i am disappointed that when i press air plane mode it does not take me for a vacation

  2. Android equivalent please

  3. They didn't update for XR 🙁

  4. just tried it on my XS and didnt seem to work..i mean things looked cool with both eyes open but i didnt see any difference

  5. It doesn’t work on iPhone XS MAX!

    Funny thing is that the apps says: You need a phone with a True Depth Camera 😂

  6. Doesn’t work on iPhone XS…

  7. is not working my iphone se it said
    this app requires iphone x

    get me like 350

  8. Please do better with angles next time. You can't see anything the the circuits one

  9. how much they paid you ,,???

  10. pointless video… look this app looks cool

  11. oh my gosh another company was using this to advertise their fake product we gotta get the app banned

  12. WOW. This reminds me of Jonny Lee's head tracking with a wii remote, all the way back in 2007, just after YouTube was born. Incredible how he pulled it off 11 years ago on that laptop he had :p

  13. I tried and it didint stick out

  14. that's what a Flat earth believer brain is like on the inside

  15. How is this literally the coolest? I don't see anything about reducing temperature on the phone here.

  16. Why is everyone hating on the iPhone, true, it's overpriced, but the tech crammed in it is pretty damn cool

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