Lifeproof nuud case for iPhone 5s Review

Lifeproof nuud case for iPhone 5s Review


I review the Lifeproof nuud case for the iPhone 5s. Lifeproof claims the case is waterproof and works with Apple’s new Touch id on the iPhone 5s and so we test to see if those claims hold true. I do a water test and drop it into water as well. I also show the case in detail and show what comes in the box. Check out the video for all the details. If you have used Lifeproof or another solution, please comment below on your experience.

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Lifeproof iPhone 5s Case Review

Lifeproof nuud for iPhone 5 Case Review

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Review:

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  1. My phone has a bulge on the top will it work the top will expose the screen

  2. How does the control center go when trying to get it up? Doesn’t that edge stop you from doing it?

  3. how is the call quality? my friend had a case but when he was talking to people on the phone they couldn't hear because of the water proofing

  4. hi how well does it hold up if you drop it? thanks

  5. I got one of these on eBay for 20 bucks xD it was legit 😛

  6. What's the texture of the outer edges? Is it rubbery or a hard plastic?

  7. can u use glass screen protector

  8. What is the depth that the life proff case can go

  9. They did not think if your screen is cracked so I'd say the 80 dollar case with the screen protector is better

  10. Should I get a nuud or fre. I'm getting a privacy screen protector also.

  11. Thank you for the well informative video, do you happen to know if they make a Life proof nuude cases for iPhone SE? This is my first iPhone and I need something relatively cheap but good

  12. Guys please tell me if you have the case is it still waterproof if the plastic cover thing on the home button breaks is it still waterproof

  13. Do you need the adapter to listen out of water

  14. @zollotech can the nuud back side be used with the fre front side?

  15. You put the optional screen protector on the phone or on the front of the case?

  16. i bougt that case in my local foodstore for ca 6 dollars. i livein sweden and it costed 49 swedish crones. My english isn´t the best so don´t comment on it

  17. Got one at Walmart last night for 3.00. It was a fluke . I'm not complaining though . Think it's currently $89 there. Works great except I had to program my pinkie finger to unlock it because the button seems to be about 3 1/4 full and will not accept my whole finger .

  18. This is fucking stupid this case broke my phone didn't save it from water at all man

  19. I was trying to open the case and some of the rubber lining came out, scary doing the water test now

  20. The nuud scares me I'm used to there being a screen.

  21. You stupid you use the iphone charger to open the case

  22. Does tech I'd still work ??

  23. Mine should be here tomorrow. This thing better fucking hold up

  24. Lol I just got this for Christmas, and I'm actually watching this video with my phone in this same case.

  25. Is that scratch protector glass or plastic?


    Do not believe to this marketing bullsh*t. This is a joke. I've done the damn water test and all seemed okay except some water on top of the dummy iphone reproduction for doing the test, which is normal as, with the nuud case, the screen is in contact with the water. All the rest was dry when I took it out, but the top of it.

    Then, I put my new case on my iphone and went swimming with it, using an armband to swim with the iphone. After 20 mins the iphone turned off and the red light on the top started flashing. Needless to say that I took it out of the lifeproof useless case and it was plenty of water.

    I can throw the phone to the bin. I'm furious to say the least. I don't understand how these companies can survive stealing money from people.

  27. I found this waterproof Lifeproof nuud case for the Iphone 5c Test Unit in the ocean on Maui. No water was in it at all. I would like to know how long it has been in the water. It is a TFD14-103-AW-9_Rev1

  28. Does the ipod touch 5/6 fit in it?

  29. +zollotech can i go 6 ft in the water

  30. So if I put my iPhone under water, it will be okay?

  31. what happens if the home button fill in gets removed

  32. Is it going to be okay if I have a tempered glass screen protector with my phone while I have the life prof case before I buy one ??????????????

  33. If i have a scratch/crack on my screen do you think that will affect moisture getting into and damaging my phone?

  34. Can I still use this case if my screen is cracked?

  35. Doest it work with tempered glass on the iphone?

  36. I would recommend the screen protector

  37. This is great! Today is my birthday and I just got the 5s. I'm going to try this tomorrow with the case. Just to have a little fun. But cool video and thanks. 🙂

  38. In Thailand can not guarantee after purchase.

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