LifeProof Fre Review for the iPhone 6 – Sucks the joy out of using your iPhone!

LifeProof Fre Review for the iPhone 6 – Sucks the joy out of using your iPhone!


The LifeProof Fre is a very thin case that offers average protection but will suck the joy out of using your iPhone!

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The general design hasn’t really changed between the lifeproof fre for the iPhone 5s and 6. The back of the case looks pretty similar and the front hasn’t really changed either but they have removed the plastic piece around the camera on the front.

Installation of the case is pretty simple and requires you to snap two pieces that you snap together. The gasket that sits at the bottom of the latch cover still can be lost if you’re not careful but we’ve noticed that the green o-ring comes out much easier than the o-ring on the previous generation.

In terms of Protection, the Fre is waterproof up to 6.6ft and droppable from 6.6 ft. We’ve dropped our Fre several times on concrete and the iPhone’s fine but the Fre did crack on a 6 ft drop. If you’re concerned about that, well, think about all the times when you’re actually going to be dropping your iPhone 6 from 6 ft.

In terms of water protection, we didn’t take the Fre down to 6.6 ft but checked its waterproofing with a water test as prescribed by LifeProof. In terms of dust, since it’s waterproof, it’s going to be dustproof if you keep all the ports sealed. The only places that dust can enter the case is around the lightning port and headphone jack cutouts so dust and debris entering the case will be kept to a minimum.

For screen protection, the plastic screen protector does a decent job of protecting your iPhone’s touchscreen as you can see in our face-first drop tests. LifeProof does recommend that you remove all films prior to installing the Fre. Given how tightly the Fre fits around the iPhone, I wouldn’t try to use another screen protector.

Functionality is where the Fre falls flat on it’s face. Apple-branded accessories will work but nothing else. The cutout for the lightning port will not fit your Amazon basics cables and the headphone cutout will not fit headphone jacks that are slightly larger than Apple’s Earpods. There is a caveat for the headphones as LifeProof does include its signature threaded waterproof headphone jack extension so that fits with any type of headphones.

Also, you can’t attach a wrisstrap to the Fre. On the previous versions you could attach a wriststrap via where the headphone jack plug attached to the case but they’ve removed that feature on the 6 version of the Fre.Using your iPhone 6 in one-hand isn’t great as the Fre’s back isn’t very rubbery so it doesn’t sit on the palm of your hand too well.

The LifeProof Fre isn’t great with sound. Unlike the 5/5S versions of the case, sound coming from the Fre isn’t louder. In fact it’s a little muted which is weird since there is still some sort of acoustic chamber on the back of the case but out of the 4 tests I did for sound coming out of the bottom speaker, the Fre was slightly muted. We will note that the Fre does cover most of the mics with the mic at the bottom of the iPhone being the only one that has one of those thin acoustic membranes.

In terms of the loudness coming from the ear piece speaker, it is a bit muted. On our tests, the iPhone in the Fre averaged a difference of 5-10 db’s lower than the iPhone without the Fre. This isn’t much but it still will mute it.

In terms of accessing your iPhone’s touchscreen, there is still a gap and it is noticeable but does not degrade the sensitivity of the iPhone too much (or that we noticed). Getting to the rest of the screen is quite easy as there is nothing that gets in the way.

On to the screen viewablity of the case, there are issues galore. The glare on the screen protector is generally noticeable and the screen protector still diffuses your iPhone’s touchscreen. Rainbowing is still an issue on the Fre but I feel its been a bit minimized. The screen doesn’t perma-stick to the iPhone like the 5 version did but you can still see the rainbows if you’re looking for them. Several viewers have also noted this with their Fre’s.
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  1. Use it for a couple of months and everyone says your voice is muffled and can't hear you properly.
    This is the third one I've had and they all end up the same. Great at first but end up being rhe same at the end.

  2. I live in Canada too eh , lol . I also bought one of these cases for my 6s and it’s terrible . Wish I could get my money back. It’s a hard case to clean. Didn’t protect against the cold , my cell still died just as fast as it did in cheap cases if not faster. Oh and the screen glare wow it sucked so much like you referred to. And the sound issue my cell works fine to make calls and talk when it’s off but when it’s on I have to use my headphones and that terrible black add on . And to top it off I write them several times with no responses . Great video very very well done cheers !.

  3. You Just hate the lifeproof fre I have one and it is better than you say (no hate)

  4. But is it still waterproof with a glass protector

  5. I get that this is 3 years old but im actually looking at getting this case. Im confused why you would give it a negative mark about sound quality but not just play a quick audio bit on/off

  6. #Tag Bend gate………….LOL

  7. Who has noticed the SCRATCHES because the screen is plastic

  8. Isn't the screen gap fixable with a screen protector

  9. Otterbox 4 life!!! FUCK lifeproof!!!

  10. Hi! I have this f*** case and every call looks like I'm talking inside the bathroom… Some times people can't hear me… I always have to open the jack port to talk clearly…

  11. Great review! Thanks! 👍🏼

  12. Can you use this case with a plastic screen protector

  13. Phone case pisses me off so much on my 6s plus with the rainbow affect.

  14. So should I buy it for my iPhone ? Does anyone have big issues with it ?

  15. Worst products out there, buyer beware!!! We got my son the FRE for Christmas and 1 week later he took his i-phone 6S in the pool, well now we have a $700 paper weight that LP won't repair/replace. They act so apologetic but not willing to budge on doing what is ethical. Shame on them for making all these "waterproof" claims, the IP6x rating is NOT fully waterproof. It's my mission to get them to take such fraudulent claims off their website. Tell the truth and call it splash proof. Dave M

  16. Best case I've had for protection, I've had dozens of premium cases. However, no one could hear me on calls. Therefore I'm ditching it.

  17. Great video. And like always, awesome job on the phone case reviews. love em. kepp up the great work.

  18. can u do a review with the fre for a 6s with a zagg screen protector

  19. Man I love your channel. You're the only review channel I can binge watch. Love from the US my dude

  20. Can you use a screen protector with this case

  21. My son gave me his Fre. When I sign into a client, they call me to verify my log in via Microsoft Phone Factor. The touchscreen becomes unresponsive post answering the call and I cannot push #. Has anyone else had this issue? In addition, the phone thinks that I still have headphones in even after taking out the adapter. My Beetle case doesn't do any of this!

  22. I'm using a glass screen protector with this case on should I take it off. I mean it's working fine

  23. Also now since the 7 is out this was on clearance at target for 44.98 had to grab it originally 99 bucks plus tax very happy with the fre ads a lil bit more size but not a big deal

  24. I got this case it's great the plastic screen protector is better then the display they have put its thin and pretty smooth

  25. Does the screen protector of the Lifeproof Fre case scratch the actually screen of the iPhone? Should you use a glass protector beneath the case? I know that the otter box defender scratches the iPhone screen and the touch ID home button. Thank you

  26. I couldn't help but think of the similarities to condoms in your reference to the Fre' case "sucking the pleasure out" of the experience lol
    Plastic covering the screen VS latex covering your D _ _ _

  27. Do you have any reviews on neoprene iPhone6s cases or just a discussion on neoprene as a case material in general because I'm shocked it's not used/utilized in a lot of these high quality cases because IMO it's probably one of the best if not THE best material for drops I'm willing to bet that a case made from neoprene foam can withstand a drop of 20 feet with cases of similar weight made from the more conventional types of plastics/materials

  28. I'm shocked these videos don't have more view considering the time/money/effort this Ho puts into making them
    He also speaks pretty clear, gets straight to the point, covers the issues you want to know and does everything without a bias/incentive to push a certain product

  29. Like you said not perfect but for 800 buck phone I put up with the sacrifices for the waterproof well will at least protect it long enough if it drops in water or my kid tosses it toilet before I blink lol

  30. Awesome review. Thanks!

  31. Plenty of new/ open box Fre cases on EBay for about $20. Why pay $70-$80?

  32. Mine had a bubble in the area where you type. It was not an air bubble but a raised area. I called the company and they sent a replacement with the same problem!!!!

  33. Does the iphone 6 lifeproof case work for the iPhone 6S

  34. Theve updated this case and i have absolutly 0 probs with it now

  35. Mine fell apart at the seems. The rubber peeled away from the frame after only months of use. On a side note, it's insane that they charge $70+ bucks for product that i'm sure cost less than $5 bucks to make. What's more amazing is that I was stupid enough to pay $70+ bucks for product that i'm sure cost less than $5 bucks to make. Wish I would've know about you guys and your awesome reviews before I made my purchase.

  36. Just ordered the Fre in "Cherry" it'll be here on Friday!!

  37. iv had my lifeproof case on for just over a year and still does algd

  38. Are there any screen protectors that would work well with the lifeproof fre?

  39. Your website doesn't work a?

  40. Is the case pretty easy to take on and off?

  41. I got the same case haven't try to put it in water yet doe. Going to try it now.

  42. Plz help I don't understand why I can't use my mute/ringer on-off switch in the case…😢

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