LG G3 Review – Best smartphone of 2014?

LG G3 Review – Best smartphone of 2014?


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LG G3 Metallic Black full hands-on review! Does the LG G3 have what it takes to be called the best smartphone of 2014 so far?

The LG G3 smartphone features a 5.5 inch QuadHD screen with 1440p resolution, 13 MP camera with OIS and Laser Auto Focus capable of filming 4K UHD 2160p Video, 3GB RAM and features a 1 Watt Speaker with Booster Amp.

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  1. Throwback ? Throwback !! What a throwback while I watch this video on my iPhone. Do you have a top ten favorite phone devices of all time so far or something of the sort? Thanks for the great video !

  2. hi is it mhl supported please let me know thanks

  3. how did you get 5 hours of screen on time?
    i get 3 and a half hours of screen on time at best on marshmallow

  4. Why the hell did LG move away from such a beautiful design??? Lg g3's form was perfect! the g5 looks ugly.

  5. boost mobile now offers for $329 in usa. thanks for your review!

  6. When will LG G3 get marshmallow update?

  7. LG G3 D855 32GB(Titan, 32 GB) is really an amazing smartphone. it's advanced features impressed me too much and most importantly it's price is affordable. For full Features and specification click http://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00KMUL5HA/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&creativeASIN=B00KMUL5HA&linkCode=as2&tag=moreinfo00d-21

  8. Like the review….I have a question, I'm still not sure on which to buy mobile between the Samsung S4 or the LG G3. Maybe you could help me with that. Thanks a lot !

  9. $314 unlocked lg g3 16gb brand new international version on amazon…..best smartphone

  10. Camera comparison lg g3 vs m8?

  11. What about music??

  12. ofc lg g3 is the best 2014 phone so far  and even 2015 for now at least only 300 $  and galaxy s6 costs 800 $ so its still useless for now  on 2016 will be the awesome phone anyone can buy 

  13. One of the best reviews! Great job👏 can't wait to get one soon! 😆

  14. Great Review, very helpful. Thanks a lot.

  15. i like your beard style too much

  16. Ugh i really want this phone but sprint does not have it in white and for the past 5 years i have always had a white phone. =/

  17. Trying to buy a phone is so hard. I have been researching for months to find the right one and I finally think I am going to go with the G3.

  18. Yes is one of the best smartphone but it need a better chip like the Qualcomm 805 with better grafikpower for the Quad HD Display.

  19. Good review. Thumbs up and subscribed. Thanks!

  20. best android phone in the market today along with m8

  21. I just bought it and i must say , Its amazing .. My previous phone is Galaxy S5

  22. the 4k video appeared stuttery, although very clear this is a massive detraction, great video, thanks 

  23. Did u find the stock rom lagy compare ather phones like nexus 5 note 3 s5 m8 ?
    i find it very lagy especially when you are using messaging apps and going between them to type some times i time and then it types… And opening apps its significantly slower u can actually count until it gets in apps like you tube and Facebook   

  24. S5 or G3, please tell me what would you buy in this moment. thanks

  25. pls compare lg g3 wid oneplus one and htc one (m8)

  26. LG g3 is the best phone I love it

  27. Very good review. I am extremely tempted to buy it.

  28. 2 things I can really give to LG vs Samsung with that phone is the UI , its way more slick than samsung and totally lag free (at 3gb at least) and the in (one) hand confort is a win because of the arched back

  29. The G3 is the best right now! That 2K display 4k video recording, beautiful build expandable memory and the 801 processor.


  31. It is the best smartphone so far. I once had the chance to review the unit by myself in one of their booths, and it really impressed me. LG is smart to add that laser focus instead of some gimmicky useless stuff like heart rate monitor. I can imagine now the G4 by next year will have fingerprint scanner and dual 1w speakers. I just feel bad for LG about its insuffucient advertisement, unlike Samsung who does everything to make their phones so popular.

  32. Bruv help me out with which fone i shud get…HTC one m8, LG G3 or Samsung S5? Or wait for iPhone 6? 

  33. Is it watr resistant or not

  34. It isn't 4 times 720p -.-

    1280 x 2 = 2560
    720 x 2 = 1440

  35. So ios7 like toggles and keyboard,huh?

  36. LG G3 is no way the best smartphone. Maybe the best ANDROID smartphone

  37. Hi supersaf I need your help does the circle case for g3 have a textured grip cz my spigen slim armor seems slippery and do you think it is practical, thanks for your help mate

  38. You are a legend mate. The other American guy who has the fancy intro Marquez has nothing on you mate. The info he gives isn't as specific. I'd like to see you do a Huawei Honour 3X Pro review, and some of the tech they get in China which isn't released to the western markets…yet.

  39. I got my G3 for $598 from T-Mobile

  40. I have an IPhone 5. I am upgrading to this in a few days! This phone is everything I want in a smartphone!!

  41. safboy the Note 3 is the ruler

  42. It's not smartphone , it's a phablet!!!

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