LG G3 Full Review – 2014’s Best SmartPhone?

LG G3 Full Review – 2014’s Best SmartPhone?


This is my full review of the LG G3 – The Best Smartphone of 2014?

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  1. have this phone in 2016 and love it! The gold lg g3 is beautiful! It had a nice 5.5" screen but feels small in hand because of the narrow bezels.Rather have this than the iphone 4,5 or 6 any day with their tiny baby screens.

  2. Which do you thing might be better? Note 4 or
    LG g3?

  3. Nexus 6!!! Do u plan on getting it?

  4. The Moto G 2013/2014 editions are both great smartphones !!!!! They are very cheap and would make for an interesting video 🙂 maybe try to find out about them?

  5. Personally I prefer the nexus 5

  6. I think phone is okay. But it is pretty cool because the screen

  7. Personally not really I like the so better

  8. I was going to get it put I just sell my iphone on good condition for £300 and get the iphone 6 with my the £300 and my own money so yeah it's a good phone tho don't get me wrong

  9. I put the lade gaga Beats to the test and thay sound amazing! I thinks thay are the best earphones ever : ) thanks again.

  10. I'm choosing between the i phone 6 plus or the lg phone that you have :/

  11. I would like to pick one up insanely but awesome videos

  12. Could you do a full review on the galaxy s5.

  13. Really can't wait on the android box review….

  14. What games should I get for ps vita.
    I already have killzone mercenary which is one of the best first person shooters game i played and little big planet ps vita which feels like the other little big planets.

  15. This is my dream phone mann

  16. What about the battery? it has only got 3000 mAh

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