LG G2 In-depth Review is it the best Android Smartphone

LG G2 In-depth Review is it the best Android Smartphone


LG G2 full review, the G2 is powerful android smartphone by LG based on the Snapdragon 800 chipset, it also has a 13MP camera with OIS a 5.2 inch Full HD 1080p IPS screen and has a unique feature called knock on, the LG G2 comes out of the box with Android Jellybean and I give you an indepth review for this LG G2 android phone.

All of my videos on the LG G2 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKMcQtz3se57vGe7LdY8_JGu


  1. Who else is watching this video in 2018? 😂 Hit like..

  2. sir I have a lg g2 and now going to get moto g4 plus so can u tell me how is camera performance between them pls

  3. which is better lg g2 or samasung galaxy s4

  4. Great Phone in my opinion

  5. hey Ranjit, I am looking for a phone within 25,000 so should i buy G2 which is quite a old phone or the latest galaxy A5

  6. You said it has dual speakers. it doesnt.
    1 is for speaker 2nd is for mic

  7. is the real world usage of lg g2 better than samsung galaxy s5? so than instead of paying extra bucks for the laggy touchwiz can i go for the g2?

  8. First i m huge fan of yours andI m confused between LG G2 32gb ang Samsung s4 black edition???

  9. Hi sir,i got scratches on my g2 camera lens,will this effect the picture quality?

  10. Which is better lg g2 or nexus5

  11. Which is better lg g2 or nexus5

  12. Dear Ranjit,
    I'm looking to buy this phone, does this phone has any battery heating issue?

  13. ranjit, how will i know that the phone im buying [lg g2 d802] is original or a clone? is there a way to check it? waiting for your reply. nice review by the way.

  14. Hey Ranjith , whenevr i am downloading a app over 100 mb it says insufficient storage , my device is 32 gb … pls let me know what the issue is….

  15. i am confused between this phone & note 3 neo ? Which one do you prefer ? (im getting both at the same price

  16. I hate that stupid screen saver! I mean who wants a kiddies hand touching a daisey on their phone?? Like some kind of pedo screen saver!

  17. Mr. Ranjit good day. Kindly do a comparison review between LG G2 Mini and the LG G2. Also, please compare LG G2 Mini to other mid ranger smartphone like Sony M2, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and a like

  18. Is it better than xperia z1??


  20. there is only one speaker on G2.. 

  21. Went to phone shop completely unbiased wanting to get my new and very first smartphone.I had a go with IPhone 5,S4,HTC One,Nexus 5,Note 3,Xperia etc.Lg G2 was the only one that left me impressed.Its thin bezel,stunning display,being fastest and smoothest out of the whole bunch I've tested,and great camera made my mind pretty fast.Lg G2 is on order and I can't wait to get it.Not to mention battery life and new Cm11 mod if I decide to turn it into stock android device.340 quid off ebay.You can't go wrong with that:)

  22. I am having this Beast… Its Awsmee..

  23. Wich the best phone? Please Suggest Me. I'am in total dilemma!
    Nexus 5 Or LG G2 ?

  24. Does This Have a Ir Blaster

  25. Hi ranjit
    I have g2 and my main problem is with camera
    When its dark place low light place my camera gets laggy and picture qulity gets down
    Is it normal for g2 or is it just for mine ?
    Thank you

  26. nice review sir..lg g2 support 3g video call????/plz reply me soon

  27. The best smartphone ranjit

  28. If you're into rooting then you can't do that on the xperia as the camera doesn't work after rooting on the xperia. G2 has no problem whatsoever. I suggest getting the 32 GB version as 16GB seems low, but thats my opinion. Oh yeah i think xperia has expandable memory but thats about it, i can keep going forever about the G2. You get the picture right?

  29. ok lemme explain: xperia z1 is water proof and thats about the only thing they have that lg g2 doesn't. Lg G2 has a much superior battery life, the screen looks much much better, the screen is 5.2' with a smaller body which makes the phone more compact where as xperia is 5' and a very big body, xperia's body is almost in the samsung note category. G2 has an IR blaster, Xperia doesn't. G2 is a faster and more fluid phone.

  30. Thanks for the review i am going to purchase a 40k phone before Christmas can u plz compare the LG G2 vs XPERIA Z1 i am very confused about the camera performance…I cannot decide which one to go for 🙁

  31. Sir, can you please provide a video as to how to get rid of lag in samsung galaxy core.
    I have mostly experienced it while opening the app tray in my device.

  32. nothing spectacular. Non replaceable battery, no microSD are clear negatives. knock knock, tilt to answer are tweaks that can be done with any android device.

  33. Sir why only lg g2 is 4g reay for india if any other then reply me

  34. My G2 just fell and the screen cracked , can you tell me how long lg will take.l to fix this ? And what procedure is now involved ???so upset

  35. You should probaly wait since the Nexus 5 is going to be awesome

  36. What do you recommend LG G2,Xperia Z1 and Samsung galaxy Note 3? I like to play games,i capture a lot of photos watch videos on you tube and do my office work too. Which phone is the best for me?

  37. hello sir iam an college student ilike to play games and watching videos which will be better for me among xperia zl or note 2 or lg optimus g



  39. sir pls do review on xperia c and compare it with same range phones plzzzzzzz…….by the way congrats for crossing 50k!!!

  40. Hello sir
    I just want to know whether smooth playback of HD 720p videos is possible in a Smartphone only if it has a camera that shoots upto HD 720p becoz in Samsung I find a couple of models in the 13 to 14 thousand range which don't carry a camera with HD 720p resolution like galaxy core and galaxy win…your reply would be really helpful and also want to know which brand has a decent 5 MP camera as am gonna go for a new phone…thanks and regards…

  41. hello ranjeet my budget is around 27000…..so should i purchse NEXUS 4 or wait for NEXUS 5 which is rumoured to be released on 30th nov ..

  42. Hey ranjit recently I gave note 3 as a gift to my mom but we are not able switch to The front cam . PleaseTell me how to switch to thefront cam

  43. Sir Which mb is Best Karbonn Titanium S5 or Samsung Galaxy Core?????
    plz rply

  44. um, i have a whole channel devoted to LG G2 so i'm a say, "LG G2"…lol

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