LeEco le2: Android 7.1.1 lineage Os 14.1 reviews. Le2 users do not miss this.

LeEco le2: Android 7.1.1 lineage Os 14.1 reviews. Le2 users do not miss this.


Disclaimer: rooting your phone voids warranty. We are not responsible for anything happens to your phone because if you miss something the phone can be affected. Please do some research and try it at your own. This video is for educational purpose.

ROM link-


  1. What about heating and performance in this rom?

  2. camera doesnt work for me

  3. how to save battery life up to one day on le eco le2

  4. Your sound is like pilot announcement in an aircraft👍👍😎😎😎😋

  5. camera bug fixed or not ?pls reply

  6. computer or pc ke binaa hoga ki nahi?????

  7. what happens to CDLA function?

  8. bhai vo 198 ha bewakuff bannara h

  9. I wanted to update my Le 2 from Lineage OS 14.1 unofficial to official.
    After flashing the official OS, it is showing an error:
    "Updater process ended with ERROR: 7"
    You can have a look at the screenshot, in the link below.

    Plz help!

  10. when we will get official EUI nougat update

  11. Bluetooth is not working… any idea

  12. what is the current lineage 14.1 changelog

  13. Lineage OS 14.1 is far better than EUI…..those who are having the camera problem,use open camera and enable camera api2…..though there is still no fix for the IR blaster…

  14. bro plz make a video on official RR rom for le2

  15. worst, eui is far better than this

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