KW88 AMOLED Smartwatch Review – Best Smartwatch Deal! Works with iPhone and Android!

KW88 AMOLED Smartwatch Review – Best Smartwatch Deal! Works with iPhone and Android!


KW 88 Smartwatch Review – Samsung Gear at 1/3 Price! Works with Android and iOS!
1.39 inch 400×400 AMOLED Display
400mAh Battery
GPS, Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor
MT6580 Quad-Core CPU



  1. Compatible with iPhone 6plus?

  2. Can we install games and apps on it? And can we install games from the wear os category in playstore?please tell.

  3. What is the name of the manufactory company??

  4. is there a way to shoot photo and video in landscape mode not portrait?

  5. Is the touch smooth engouh ????

  6. How do you download custom watch faces like Rolex ?

  7. I don't understand anything

  8. i just bought this watch and it works really well.

  9. Can this answer phone calls?

  10. Just seems way too good to be true. I’m interested but I’m not waisting my money

  11. Are you sure it works with ios (iPhone)???

  12. I just bought one of these watches and I dont have an option to increase the font size under the display like in your video?

  13. Sir gearbest is best for buying plzz tell some people sat that it battery is not good and it overheat after several hours

  14. This smartwatch is looking good, but is it???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please answer me!!!!

  15. The screens too small dang it!,!!! But still I will buy It

  16. Hey it is water resistance or not?

  17. bro wheres your wifi coming from? on wifi? what if your outdoor and no wifi is available. can i use my smartphones internet via bluetooth on the watch?

  18. How much time can the battery last? More than 1 day?

  19. You activated my google assistant

  20. Plz tell " ill be back" in ur next video.

  21. Is this a chinese company??

  22. Can we transfer pics from iPhone?

  23. Shitwatch can see it strait away when touching does not reakt have to touch 2 -3 times to start doing something , chinese crap

  24. Con que aplicación es compatible el reloj para sincronizarlo con el celular?

  25. not working with android

  26. I gotta buy this watch. My $60 smartwatch doesn’t do anything compared to this. All mine has is a heart rate tracker, fitness tracker, stopwatch, and I use it for viewing notifications. I’m probably gonna sell it or give it to someone for free and buy this one for sure.

  27. I’m gonna play GTA San Andreas on here 😍

  28. Can I use voice message on whatsapp

  29. Can I put SIMCard in and use GoogleMaps in navigation mode without being connected to a smartphone?

  30. my company professional produce watch,I m very interested in your video,do you have interested in our product?

  31. This watch having 4gb ROM or 8gb

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