Kangaroo Mobile Desktop review: Windows 10 PC for $99

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop review: Windows 10 PC for $99


The Kangaroo Mobile Desktop is a $99 mini-PC that might surprise you. It’s definitely something to consider if you need another Windows 10 PC that won’t hurt the wallet. Written review: http://www.windowscentral.com/kangaroo-mobile-desktop-review Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/windowscentral?sub_confirmation=1

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  1. What is the model of this monitor?? What about the keyboard? ☺

  2. Where do you get them from, i cant find them on ebay and amazon dosent ship to australia?

  3. Wait, you measure size in millimeters and weight in grams, but temperature in fahrenheit?

  4. what happened to the $99 price?

  5. Once I will create that but with an i7 and a Nvidia GTX1080 inside.

  6. Whats that wireless keyboard he has called?

  7. Does it have a headphone jack?

  8. oh god the windows store lol. What a joke that is.

  9. JUST RELEASED IS THE KANGAROO PRO comes with the standard $99 Kangroo PC (shown here) with a new expanded Docking Bay. The new Docking Bay includes all the original Kangroo's 'features and ports shown here' Plus additional audio jack port, fast ethernet port, sata ssd internal port (and enclosure) ,VGA port. The big feature with the pro is the ethernet and sata drive connections which greatly! improves on the device peformance via direct fast line connection for Ethernet and fast ssd hard drive speeds (no longer needing to resort to its slower internal storage memory)

  10. am i limited in anything such as installing things such as steam, skype etc. is this a fullblown windows 10?

  11. it comes with bluetooth, so i dont need a bluetooth dongle to get a bluetooth keyboard/mouse connected right?
    If so, why did you use a dongle?

  12. the kangaroo does not slow down that much i had window defender running a virus scan full, chrome with youtube. that only slowed it down a little. ps stop using internet explorer it just sucks up ram

  13. My desktop just died. Last night. Completely fried. It was a gaming PC. Giving serious thought to getting this until I can raise the money to build a new rig. It's in my cart on the MS store and everything. Just watching this and other videos to push myself one way or another off of the fence I'm on.

  14. I just bought a lenovo chromebox for ~$200 and now I'm sad because I could have had the plus version of this with about the same specs and lower price.

  15. my pc has 1 gig of ram it used to have two butt one of the ram sticks brock

  16. Big Plus you can use your IPAD as a Monitor and still Run IOS at the same time. A big minus no headphone jack.

  17. Is there any way to buy this in Europe?

  18. So I didn't really get the name… Is it called Kangaroo Mobile Desktop?

  19. Can someone pls tell me when the software and firmware updates are coming to Lumia 550,no i dont mean the preview version?

  20. Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile – fucked. Just because of Display dock price.

  21. Kangaroo Mobile DeskTop……Kangaroo Mobile DeskTop……Kangaroo Mobile DeskTop……Kangaroo Mobile DeskTop……Kangaroo Mobile DeskTop…… Were you paid for every time you said it? lol. In all seriousness, this looks very viable for any person's first PC, as well. It looks really good as a work station for people who just work in office or browse youtube. Have you noticed any issues while using Office or anything like that?

  22. The big question is "can it run WIndows 8.1?"

  23. Great little product. I had the first-gen Intel Compute Stick (W10 version) and it kept having issues waking from sleep. Returned it.

  24. Will it be available in europe?

  25. Anyone know of a UK seller?

  26. the one main thing wrong with the kangaroo is the heat . after it warms up the cpu is throttled down a whole lot . theres already diy fan setups for them

  27. Nice price, when you realize, that Windows 10 sells alone for around $100…

  28. 2GB of RAM is really not enough for Windows 10 64 bit.

  29. Love your videos man!! They are all so great 👍

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