iSwitched to Windows Phone 8 – Day 30 Experience Linus Tech Tips

iSwitched to Windows Phone 8 – Day 30 Experience Linus Tech Tips


The Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 30 day trial is now over! Watch the video for the stunning conclusion.

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  1. If google would just give us their apps, lol.

  2. "Oh I gotta finish the phone review. Hold on, let me put on my Taekwondo uniform"

  3. It would seem that the problem with Windows phone (at the time at least) is that they have made simple things very frustrating, though it would be interesting to see how things change now with all the big three having grown a lot since

  4. You should do a review of a windows 10 phone, and just try it out to see if they fixed your complaints. I think most of them have been

  5. You can organize your things into folders. They take up as much space as the medium tiles and have 9 slots. The large tiles are meant for the smaller tiles version where you can put 3 medium sized tiles across.

  6. Pretty much every problem you had with Windows Phone has been fixed now Linus.

  7. lol you can scroll through your ccontacts on windows phone, i honestly didnt even know about the click until this vid

  8. you can yse floders in wp8 just put app over another app

  9. try to use search for navigation 😛 and ofc try win 8.1

  10. A lot of the issues raised were fixed in Windows Phone 8.1. Also, why do you use flagships for all the other 30 day trials but for windows phone you use a mid range HTC? Surely a Lumia 920/925 would have been a better shot. For example, when you talk about having small hands and struggling to reach some of the buttons, thats because the HTC screens are longer and narrower. Lumia screen are more square making them easier for small hands. Will you try Windows 10 for phones when it releases?

  11. They did add folders. They also had a not so satisfactory folder app that's not pre-installed, but the new folder app is fine.

  12. Hi Linus
    Thanks for the informative details of Windows phone 8. Some things I've had to figure out for myself however, I learned alot from your video.

    thanks again

  13. Linus! I like your opinion on Windows phone and I remember how it was but everything you complained about is fixed with the new Wp8.1 update please give it another try!!!!!

  14. Linus, do you still use the Windows Phone? Windows Phone 8.1 is amazing right now.

  15. i message and post updates in 3 languages, so that language button on the keyboard is a godsend.

  16. Hello, Linus! Most of your complaints and dislikes about Windows Phone have been adressed in 8.1 and I wonder what your opinion would be.

  17. I know this video is over a year old, but with the latest updates most of these issues have been fixed. Imo the reason why so many minor things were left out here was the gap between the releases, iOS was released at 2007 whilst WP was at 2010, so theyve had alot more time to recieve community feedback and fix those issues.

  18. It shatters if you drop it more than 4 inches……

  19. You hate clicks on people hub but you need them on the home screen? Really??

  20. How did you get Nokia Drive + on HTC device?
    And if you want to make honest switch, switch to an Android phone for the same price as HTC 8S. 😛

  21. Some quick advice..Do not buy the HTC windows phones, buy the Nokia's. Trust me.

  22. Oh man! Go Setting >> Screen Rotation and turn it off. I have it on my Lumia 920 and it is running same OS. 

    Also please use App Folder to arrange your tiles. You need to spend a day with this OS to know these features . Oh man!!!

  23. Nice video, you've given your honest review after actually using the OS for a month… and I liked the light humor you've maintained. However, you could be better prepared before actually starting the recording you know?

  24. if you're going Windows Phone you should use Nokia branded instead of HTC or Samsung, they have over 90% of windows phone ,they have Glance Screen along with other great features and exclusive apps other brands won't have which helps add to the overall experience on WP 8 .Should install WP8.1 Developer Preview and do update video .

  25. Are you gonna test Windows 8.1?
    From what I heard most of your issues have been addressed. Nokia has a folders app, rotation lock and time are accessible from everywhere through the new notification center. IE has refresh and tabs (it even syncs tabs from your pc if you're using IE that is…) quickly accessible. Skype is always on and you can set if only for calls or for messages as well.
    I think it's a legit alternative now.

  26. U can rotate it now there is an update

  27. i'm pretty sure you knew you weren't going to stick with this phone. these videos are pointless. every video is filled with the same complaints.

  28. I hate using auto rotate on devices however the Lumia 521 I currently have auto rotates the screen in a far more tolerable way.

  29. I have a Lumia 521 and I really like it. I had always used Android and one Blackberry and never tried Apple. However the Lumia 521 as a low end device still gives me a level of functionality that can compare to high end Android smart phone.

  30. most awful review ever ??? what do you live in stone age ???? don't review other platforms if you're an ios lover 😉

  31. Lenguage button is NEEDED for me for example, a spanish speaking person who also speaks to people in english. ALTHOUGH it'd be GREAT if you could, for example swipe or have another way to change the language and save keyboard space.

  32. seriously. if its not for you and you dont like it dont make it to be the worst for all. 

  33. Language button HAS TO BE there!

  34. There is a way to set Skype to stay connected and show notifications but only comes up the first time u open skype it prompts you if u want it to work in the background try go to settings and swipe to the side to go to applications and look at your background apps (or do it the long way and reinstall the app to see the prompt again)

  35. Crashes and hangs? I've almost never had them. And this review was on GDR1 and again, on a 8S?

    I think he'd have a way better opinion on WP now if he'd be using a L925 on GDR3.

  36. You can also stop auto rotate on the GDR 3 update

  37. Scroll scroll ummm no you had two pages and you could clearly see where everything is you douche

  38. For locking orientation on browsers you can use UC browser instead of Internet Explorer. 

  39. skype integration is bad, lol microsoft even messes up their own apps on their own platform

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