Is This The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone?

Is This The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone?


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This is the Xiaomi Black Shark is another smartphone aimed at mobile gamers. It features a controller attachment that adds an analog thumb stick and physical shoulder buttons. The controller attachment makes playing games like PUBG mobile far more comfortable. Other specs include the Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage and a 5.99-inch display.


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  1. mobile gamers are not gamers

  2. why play just pubg next time play rules of survivle is beter than all games in phone

  3. I like to see videos on Android TV box the best and affordable

  4. I would better buy a ps vita for 19k, rather than spending 30k on a phone.

  5. not a good device I'd say, display isn't large enough color's are also not looking vibrant and battry isn't enough ,but loved the controller

  6. A phone like this BUT with hardware buttons on the other side and I'm sold

  7. Is this available on philippines? English version what do you prefer to me pocophone f1 or xiaomi blackshark

  8. Are you gonna switch to it? So then you will find his SERIOUS problem… ? Lewis, gotta change, it's getting predictable

  9. Thanks for the good diction and clear English. I understand more than 90 percent.

  10. Hello Lew please send me dis phone

  11. I want this because i want to play fortnite on good graphics not bad graphics like iPad 2017 and play all gta games

  12. can you make. video about comparison between rog phone and xiaomi black shark?

  13. hacks to win forntie

  14. Can there be a link where to buy it… i want one.

  15. Check out my gaming channel!

  16. hey man if it's android then it is a waste bcuz u can only play pubg not fortnite

  17. Yo, u just unboxed so many cool stuffs what happens to them when your video is end?

  18. Do u notice he likes to talk about the poka phone

  19. Oh that's my phone, it's faster than my pc

  20. whats that
    your watch

  21. watching this in my ASUS ROG 😎

  22. Can you make a video about this phone playing gangster Vegas

  23. Whats the name of the controller?

  24. Some days I play Fortnite on my phone because it runs faster than console or pc sometimes

  25. Still better than the new iPhone

    Which is the best gaming phone bro???

  27. And the phone is almost and same with Xiaomi black shark and you can check about it online

  28. Can you give me the name of the game you played on that phone

  29. I thought I had shark mode on my IPhone….. but then I realized I just had no friends 💀.

  30. Live in Jersey City NJ. Carrier: Metro pcs. Where can I buy the English version black shark phone?

  31. Can that working for oppo A3s

  32. Memory cooking select mwtoyt emotion other mouth each.

  33. Physical fingerprint scanner on the front but still using an on screen home button just seems wrong

  34. .. In memory of Xperia Play

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