Is the iPhone XR Worth Your Money? 30-day review

Is the iPhone XR Worth Your Money? 30-day review


I’ve been using the iPhone XR as my daily driver since it was released on October 26 and here’s my 30-day review why it’s the best iPhone for anyone upgrading from an older iPhone or even from Android.

I provide real-world examples the design, display, Face ID, front and rear cameras, and finally the value for the money relative to the iPhone XR vs. XS.

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  1. It’s a great phone, at a reasonable price, for Apple! Really happy with mine, the battery life is phenomenal.

  2. No phone made is worth a $1000 period! Apple and android both suck. Touch ID on any platform is just terrible hate it.

  3. Got 256gb Xs max from an 8+, best thing ever

  4. Still overpriced and that good battery life won't last after two years with apple 20% battery drop off

  5. Damn dude, I just bought yesterday the 128gb product red xr, waiting for Monday to be delivered and overall the reviews I've seen yours is one of the best, maybe using s log 2 with cinema gamut 3 and flatter into -3 the shadows and then grading with the slog 2 lut in final cut or da Vinci resolve will improve a bit your videos quality as getting less breathe in af.

    And as a content creator I will just recommend to end with a more clear opinion about what you think about the terminal. cuz in my point of view the debate will emerge by itself without the need to force it and who come to see these videos is to learn what is the impact of the phone and which is people opinion or to reinforce or just give away the ideo of getting the gadget itself.

    Hope to see more videos like this one!

  6. The front glass is the exact same is the iPhone X🅂. The back glass is what matches your description in the video. FYI. 😊

  7. It’s better than my iPhone 8+ ? About the screen?

  8. How is the battery life bro

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