iPhone XS vs Pixel 2 Camera Comparison: Does It Beat the Pixel 2?

iPhone XS vs Pixel 2 Camera Comparison: Does It Beat the Pixel 2?


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The iPhone XS recently arrived boasting of some great camera specs and features but most iPhone XS reviews have suggested that it still does not beat the Pixel 2 camera. Well, is that true? We pit the iPhone XS vs Pixel 2 camera and see which is the best camera phone right now.

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  1. u mean the Pixel 2 XL right Apple fanboy?

  2. This video seems biased towards iPhone XS

  3. In each of the photos the subject seems to deliberately move towards darker areas which could wasul blend in with the background in case of the pixel 2.

  4. Lmaoo he swapped the photos

  5. Best advertisement for pixel 2 by beebom👎👎👎


  6. Supersaf has done way much better, genuine and realistic camera comparison then this. # biased beebom

  7. Bro have u been paid by Apple by any chance!!!!!

  8. you got crap pixel 2, mine doesnt look like that.

  9. Based on your photos, it just seems it's neck and neck on daylight photos. Hit or miss for both. So a tie. Then you have pixel the lead with portrait selfies, low light, and video stabilization. Seems pixel is the clear winner.

  10. Your portrait photos have more detail in pixel. You have too much blending on your face in the Xs.

  11. Software… Software… Software

  12. Compare with pixel 3 & 3xl

  13. Paid assholes, blocking your 1.2M channel right away !!!

  14. You CAN'T SAY that iphone captures WAY more details hahahahhahahahaahhahahah maaaan…..

  15. Very biased. Pixel is still the beast

  16. Xs = 1lakh
    Pixel 2xl = 40k
    Is 60k = very small difference in camera??

  17. That pic of nehru place metro station building is awesome

  18. it's pretty damn obvious that you have disabled hdr+ (which is the default setting) on the pixel 2.

  19. this channel is so biased lmao it sucks

  20. hai .. that comparison is unbalanced because pixel 2 is an old phone. why not compare with pixel 3? You fear the iPhone loses to .. if you compare the pixel 2 with the new iPhone X it's right.

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