iPHONE XS Vs iPHONE 8! Should You Upgrade! (Impressions)

iPHONE XS Vs iPHONE 8! Should You Upgrade! (Impressions)


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The iPhone XS just got released so lets see how it compares to the iPhone 8 in a quick comparison!

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  1. Coming frm tha 7 plus, ima just get tha 8 plus. iLove tha finger print

  2. I have an iPhone 7😭😭😪😪😢😭

  3. this may be a dumb question, but how come apple went from the 8 series right into the 10 series. why there is no 9 series of phones?

  4. I still find myself loving the iPhone 8.

  5. Should I upgrade from iPhone 6s to iPhone Xs Max?

  6. If you can pick up iphone 8 at around $650 (for 256gb), I don't think Xs is 2X the phone as the price may suggest. I would save money, if you are on the fence, but if the money is no object, get the latest and greatest every year.

  7. My provider (Canada) will give me an iPhone 8 64GB for $0 upfront and $15/mo for 2 yrs ($360 total price), or an X 64GB for $0 upfront and $35 for 2 years ($840). Is an X worth the extra $20/mo or $480 overall?

  8. i have the 6plus but i am having trouble

    should i save up (for a while) for the 10 or the 8?

  9. Does iPhone 8 come with airpods?

  10. Can you solve that 4×4 cube?

  11. iPhone 8 as 3D Touch and Touch ID and Xr doesn’t.. for that reason I’m not upgrading

  12. I have a cracked 6s should I upgrade to 8 plus or Xs? Or just wait till next years iPhone ?

  13. Bro how the hell can you tell the battery size DECREASED lmao did you just pull that out your ass?

  14. 4gb RAM hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet

  15. 7 and 8 are almost same. I will pick 7 between this 2. Value for money

  16. What happens to the screen protector? And it looks different from the preview? The preview is so beautiful but in your video is normal

  17. I got an iPhone 8 idk what to do

  18. 4GB of ram?? I think that's not true is still 3 I remember.

  19. Will ios 12 slow down my iphone 8?? or is ios 12 optimized only for all screen iphones?

  20. In my opinion, it makes no sense to spend 400-1700 euros for a mobile phone or a watch.

  21. I'm still with an iPhone 5s. Should I go for a 7 or 8?

  22. Not worth at all, wait for the next year, or upgrade to the iPhone X, although the next year iPhone will be more expensive, Apple scammed the people this year.

  23. Its not worth the upgrade we will see next years iphones

  24. Iphone 8 and 8 plus is still worth it

  25. Simple Alpaca I have iPhone 8 should I get iPhone X 600$ Unlocked or new XS Unlocked? Money not a problem which is honestly more worth. Next year triple lens might be released so please let me know thanks

  26. Apple running out of ideas

  27. I was mesmerized by watching the iPhone X slowly slipping off the iPhone 8 in you video and the final drop off at the end

  28. I have an iphone 8 and i love it 😍

  29. Should I upgrade from the 8 plus

  30. I have an iPhone 8 plus. I think if I put $200 a week back in savings I can afford it in December

  31. Hey men I have an iPhone 6 Plus should I buy an iPhone xs or should I wait??
    Please answer me if you can thanks!

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