iPhone XS vs CINEMA Camera – Can you spot the DIFFERENCE?

iPhone XS vs CINEMA Camera – Can you spot the DIFFERENCE?


See how the new iPhone XS video compares to a cinema camera that shoots in RAW. Can you can see the difference between the iPhone XS Video quality and a $10,000 Cinema camera the Canon C200.

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Comparing the iPhone XS vs iPhone XS max isn’t much good as they share the same camera. But how good is the iPhone XS for video. To test it out we compared iphone xs vs cinema camera and we used the Canon C200 and shot in Canon Raw lite.

To be honest the results were pretty impressive and without zooming in its hard to tell which is better. This would be pretty similars in a iPhone xs vs red cinmea camera or iPhone xs vs arri Alexa. Basically we looked at the iPhone XS vs Hollywood cinema camera.
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  2. For the average person it’s not too different.

  3. The first clip was from cannon and the latter from iphone…,?

  4. Just amazing how much you get from the iPhone

  5. It's a horse race and the £10,000 Cine Camera's are out in front. But … they can hear the hooves of the iPhones.

  6. Sweet video. Idk what i'd even win but i'm finna do some shoot video shooting with my new iphone xs max…

  7. Wow..great video mate..tks for showing us how well does the iphone Xs work ..👍

  8. Awesome vid. The intro was crazy!

  9. Camera 2 was iphone. The opening scene gave it away I guess

  10. white chicks always look completely "flat", but their skin color is good for the white balance!

  11. iPhone, good collaboration between USA and China.

  12. would of been better to use the filmic pro app to make footage more raw before using a lut on it

  13. iphone video have more colour and high brightness and it cannot compare to a cinema camera huge difference

  14. This tech stuff went way over my head but how do you add a color grade? Lol

  15. Sooooooooooooo many butt hurt Android freaks……. LMAO….

  16. iphone wins in all the way

  17. Man, You shouldn’t be giving away LUT’s when this video color grading is hideous! It’s pretty amateur and over the top. Nothing looks natural or even good.

  18. I couldn't tell the difference because they honestly both look very bad.

  19. Impressive performance. Is there any way to lower the sharpening on the XS Max?

  20. Couldn't tell at first glance

  21. Camera one is iphone cause it got less color and didn't have that sun ray

  22. Obviously C200 is better than Xs Max, but XsMax is amazing in the comparative!

  23. Well
    Unless you are watching it on a tiny screen, it's quite obvious that the iPhone is the first camera.
    But man… What did you do to the C200 footage? It looks bad! Well, not "bad" obviously, it's decent, but what a waste… Just look at the shadows at 1:49

  24. Next time try the filmic pro app.

  25. Look at this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZT3GffDtxE There is no oversharpening and highligts arent as blown out as in your video.
    Honestly, you must have done something wrong. The iPhone Footage looks way too pixelated and oversharpened compared to any other iPhone XS Video on youtube.
    Are you sure you got the original H.265/HEVC File? There is an option in the Settings wich allows the iPhone to convert all H.265 Media to legacy H.264 if you transfer Files to a PC. Its enabled by default. Make sure you have it disabled. And i hope you shot with Smart HDR @ 30 FPS. When you shoot at 60 FPS smart HDR isnt working and Videos have less dynamic range.

  26. 1- Canon, is more detailed
    2- iPhone

  27. I think iPhone is incredible when thinking it’s just a phone. But dedicated cine cameras or dslr always win because of lens. You can’t change your lens on iPhone to get a different perspective.

  28. The lens flair gave it away for me that's how I knew it was the iPhone camera 1

  29. Thanks for a great video!

  30. Video number one is the cinemacamera ,much much better colors more deep and the contrast is much better

  31. Both look shit, wtf was that editing?

  32. so basically a rectangle vs a cinema camera.

  33. Is true that the cinema camera is better but people are messing the point I think (it doesn’t really matter if is an iPhone, pixel or Samsung camera), they are evolving faster than normal cameras, you can get a seriously nice quality with a phone with a tiny sensor that u can get whatever you want because it fits on your pocket, that thing in your pocket every year is reaching the quality of a stand-alone camera just made it for that purpose. Plus with some apps you can record in log so u can get more freedom like a normal camera.

  34. Camera 1 is obviously the iPhone… way too grainy

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