iPhone XS Review – In my HUMBLE Opinion

iPhone XS Review – In my HUMBLE Opinion


Hey everyone welcome to my review of the Gold iPhone XS. I talk about the new features such as adjustable bokeh, selfie front camera portrait mode, the new camera system, stereo audio, etc.. I compare the iPhone XS with the iPhone 8 Plus. I do a camera comparison, a size comparison, and a color comparison as well. Normally I’m focusing on magic tricks for this channel, but I just felt like it would be fun to make an iPhone review. 🙂 Plus… I do have a magic trick tutorial at the end, so there is some magic for you to learn.

The rear camera on the iPhone 8 Plus is the same as the iPhone X from last year (2017). So when I am doing the iPhone camera comparison, it applies to the X as well. Also the iPhone 8 Plus almost nearly the exact same size as the iPhone XS Max. So it serves for a pretty good visual comparison.

After having had the 8 Plus for a year… I DO RECOMMEND trying a larger screen. It’s pretty slick being able to see everything so much better. All your experiences are amplified. However, this year for some reason I just felt like trying to have a smaller phone again. Who knows… maybe next year I’ll opt for the larger size phone.

Hope you guys enjoy the review… I tried to cover the things that would matter the most when making a buy decision for the iPhone XS.


  1. Nice tutorial. Cool idea of reviewing products with a magic touch at the end. Something new here on YouTube. Break a leg. Congrats 😉

  2. 1:34 did you jus assume guys don't carry purses in 2018? ReeEeET

  3. thought my sub would've broke 10k

  4. my phone shows calculation history 🙁

  5. I'm pretty happy with my iphone 5:) btw you almost have 10k subs, congrats man

  6. 11th view…
    3rd like…
    Ist comment

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