iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Impressions!

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Impressions!


iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are officially official. This is everything you need to know!

iPhone XR Impressions: https://youtu.be/mgOQgciWLlg

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  1. You forgot dual SIM/eSIM.

  2. Apple sells the base version of this shit at 1050 USD

  3. 3:29 looks like you are wearing the Apple Watch 4.

  4. Hey I subscribed nice vid actually and If I had to choose any color it will be red

  5. Might get the XS Max to upgrade my 7 Plus, since my 7 Plus could die next year like when my iPhone 6 turn 2 years old….

  6. I just paid off my iPhone 6s plus…………guess I'll go back in debt! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Fuck me up with that smooth ass intro…


  9. Hi. Should i buy iphone X (2017) as it got cheeper or to go for new ones. At present i am using 6s.

  10. Im so "torn" between this and pixel 3 xl which one to get????

  11. Why doesnt iphone make their logo on the back a fingerprint sensor?

  12. It’s very good review. Right now I am I am using iPhone 6 Plus. Still it’s working wonderful, I am iPhone lover. Surely I will buy iPhone XS Max . I like bigger size 6.5 inches. Basically I am Online IB & Cambridge IGCSE Maths Tutor . Sometimes I can teach through iPhone 6 Plus. Now I needed faster , bigger smarter,clover and speeder. So all features have in iPhone XS MAX . Even I teach Math lessons So I need MAX.( Math @ MAX). He explains every nice. Thank you for your good review!

  13. One thing I've noticed quite surprisingly is that the Max is much easier to hold than the 7 Plus or 8 Plus. This isn't only because the previous models used slippery aluminium, but the Max is ever so slightly smaller, which makes it significantly easier to hold for me. It's not top heavy like the Plus and I can click icons even up to mid top section comfortably with one hand. Also I noticed the White Max sides are pure metal (cold to touch) whilst the Black and Gold have a resin coating or rubbery feel (and not cool to touch), which is great as it adds more grip. Little nuances that count!

  14. it is easier for me to get the thanos glove than the iphone xs. LOL

  15. just another copy and paste of iphone x just with different camera features duh

  16. Have you also discovered that the bottom left speaker does not work on the iPhone XS Max? I’m not 100% sure, but it seems like it’s there more for symmetry/ decoration then actually being useful.


    I’m jealous of the Xs Max

  18. Apple is no longer Apple. Change the name of the company. It's embarassing.

    The clean look is long gone. Notch is ugly. Bump for the camera is ugly. Even the names now are like crappy lenovo techy shitty names. MAx X SUPER COOL KYXXX X X what is this garbage?

  19. Why is there no more landscape home screen????????????? Anyone else care?????? Thanks love you all.

  20. Was it worth it if I went from a iPhone 8 to an iPhone XS ? or should I have saved money and got the X ?

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