iPhone X Silver Unboxing!

iPhone X Silver Unboxing!


YAY! Unboxing the new iPhone X 256 Silver!
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Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZnXxeNpwcI
iPhone 8+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmK3T3u4frw
Justine’s Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqztGUwhRlQ
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  1. It’s not iPhone 10 it’s an iPhone X

  2. Is anybody watching this in 2018

  3. You don’t need apple care there is such thing as insurance

  4. Nah
    I’m just sticking with the 8 plus

  5. I got mad when it didn’t come with tool to take SIM card out. I had to use my moms earring lol

  6. Her passcode starts with 2

  7. Pls mention which cover you bought

  8. LOL with all the unnecessary dramatics. Just open the damn phone man

  9. I currently have the iPhone 5s. Have had it for 4 years. I originally planned to get the iPhone 8 but now I’m undecided if I want the X.

    I like the model/body of the 8
    I like the home button
    I like the bigger screen

    iPhone X cuts off the screen and I feel like the top bar will annoy me
    I don’t like the Face ID
    But it’s the lastest iPhone
    It’s faster

    Someone please help!

  10. IPhone X’s Max Gold is better

  11. Yes i also hate to call iphone x 😡

  12. I like the iPhone X because I’m getting the same, iPhone X is your phone

  13. I am going to get one for my birthday and I dont know whats the color that I want ;( tell me pls!

  14. iPhone 8 Plus better thin iPhone 10

  15. can you gave me a iphone xs max? i aish i had the layest iphone i only have a first iphone

  16. 0:07 “Don’t say iphone x”
    But she already say it😑

  17. I have no purchasing power, but you will buy if you pay

  18. omg i cant stop hearing justine

  19. Really enjoyed this unboxing. Interesting detail at 3:31 though.

  20. And now the XS max is out 😅
    that’s why I never bought the X lol I knew apple was gonna whip out a larger one 🤣💯

  21. you just earn yourself another sub

  22. Omg you’re so funny 😆

  23. I've been getting new iPhones from my provider since the iPhone 4s and I've never once gotten the sim card removal tool.

  24. Who is using a iPhone X to watch her inboxing

  25. i loved it when jenna was trying to do the face ID set up and she was nodding her head instead of turning it

  26. I still dont understand how people force themselves to buy a $1000 phone, like i literally cant spend more than $500, Am i just thrifty?

  27. u and ur sister are ❤️

  28. Is it odd I’m watching a iPhone X unboxing on my IPhone X

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