iPhone X Review – The Positives and Negatives – 4K60P

iPhone X Review – The Positives and Negatives – 4K60P


I share the positives and negatives of the iPhone X in my review after using it for a few weeks.

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  1. the pictures apple uses on their website don't do these justice. especially the silver my god

  2. i preferred the S8 on this iPhone.. its awesome

  3. I have been heard many problems on scratches on the iPhone X so could you make a scratch removal video

  4. Not wanting to receive hate, just an opinion. The notch really isn’t a problem I feel people make an unnecessary deal out of it, when using the phone the notch adds character to this phone and it doesn’t affect anything at all. Like you get used to it and sure you get black bars but when a new designed aspect ratio comes out it will take time to adapt and luckily app developers on the app stores constantly update their apps. Anyways, just a message about how the notch is something people overreact to and that you don’t need to worry about it. Also just so you guys know, I like both Android and iOS (and own both) so I’m not hating on any software.

  5. It's $350 for the front to be fixed and $3,500 for the back glass to be fixed.

  6. I don’t find Animoji particularly useful either, however, Apple were quite brilliant introducing them. 1) Apple needed a way to demonstrate the power of the Face ID sensors to the layman (average non-tech enthusiasts). 2) They wanted something that people want to play with and share. It is really the same reason Samsung added all those weird Snapchat like face masks into their camera app. They don’t massively impress the tech enthusiast crowd, but we are actually not the target market for those features.

  7. To be honest I prefer the 8 plus bezels never bothered me as they probably didn’t for everyone until recently where people expect newer phones to have less bezels now but I prefer that to the notch on top of the X that I couldn’t get use to

  8. The X iPhone is a device with many things to love and quite a few to dislike too. It may be a little overpriced in comparison with what competitors are offering but hey, people have money to burn. Personally, I prefer the bigger screen on the 8 Plus. When I played with the iPhone X, it felt like a downgrade from a Plus sized phone but I totally understand why it makes sense to people who've had a 4.7" phone. Every phone deserves to be loved. I sense there are quite a few iPhone X owners who are not quite content with the imperfections but are in denial about that. The two week window to return the phone is too short to make a decision whether to keep it or not.

  9. What I don’t understand is you and others are saying about iphone X is price is to high but yet everyone is buying one or two then why complain about price then!

  10. I feel like the X with an all black wallpaper would look sick

  11. My boss is going for the X i was like yes! Notch In his face!

  12. I'm going to wait till next year.
    If The Galaxy S9 & S9 plus or note 9 gets stereo speakers and indisplay Finger Sensor i will go with that. If Not i will go with IPhone if the next X model is a larger phone.

  13. dont touch the treasure-use 8!!!((((((((((((((((((

  14. Lmao people complaining about the notch.. The Apple will not get rid of it for the next couple of years for sure, why? Because Apple thinks it’s cool, and that’s why everyone else will think it’s cool, or just get adjusted to it. iPhone X is sold out for now, so I really doubt Apple is going to listen to many complaints about it

  15. iPhone X won't shine on iOS 12 since iPhone Xs and Xs Plus will be released, and iPhone X will just be slown down and battery life cut by 30% by the update, like always…

  16. Does the color of the iPhone X make a difference. Both bezels are black. Can you notice a huge difference with a case on it?

  17. I don’t like the notch.. but im glad its there cause it differentiates my phone than other phones out there. Terrible reason but true lol. The display is just beautiful.. I’m happy with my X.

    Face ID is more than just unlocking to me, I dont have to input passwords cause i can just use face ID. Good that I dont have a twin 😀

  18. How could anyone loves the notch man , i don't think so .

  19. the back camera is ugly to me..

  20. Great video!! All in one !

  21. where i can get an iphone x without a carrier ,i travel a lot i want a free sim one

  22. On desktop my iphon 8 plus show top left searching circle which always working

  23. Zolltech plz tell me what should I do

  24. PLZ wenn any body know help me

  25. I have problem on Iphon 8 plus ,my SIM card alway working but after watching any video on top alway searching circle appears ,have u any idea why

  26. I love Apple products but Apple is starting to miss in too many areas that should be slam dunks. I’ve allowed it to slide for a while, but now it's starting to become a major issue. I'll share just a few of my gripes on this comment… 01) AirDrop inconsistencies. My iPhone X refuses to recognize my other Apple devices to AirDrop to them. This is something that should NOT be a headache… 02) Apple has no excuse for missing features that should be on EVERY phone. For example: OPTIONS. We should have Face ID and the fingerprint. We should have the option to swipe after Face ID unlocks the phone or to forgo the swipe option. We should be able to "delete all" EVERYWHERE that it applies (i.e. multitasking, voicemail, etc). I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. 03) Who is the genius (sarcasm) that is choosing the gestures. The fact is that there are COUNTLESS options that could have been implemented that would make the iPhone X a cinch to use with one hand. Why do we have to swipe from the top of the device for the control center and notification center. How about swiping down for the mid-right for notification center and mid-left for notifications. It's NOT that hard, but Apple seems to be clueless about such things. —–– These are just a few of the reasons why the iPhone X is not worth it's price tag. It's a beautiful device and does a lot of things well. But iOS is starting to feel like a half-baked operating system. I like my meals fully cooked. Peace!

  27. Is Apple using Roman Numerals now on after iPhone X?
    Because iPhones in the past had numbers, Plus and S models. It's kind of stupid that Apple are skipping 7s, 7s Plus and 9 models

  28. Finally someone that I can agree with on the notch…

  29. IPhone X looks like a toy phone with childish icons haha

  30. I'm keeping my 7+ 256gb don't think it's worth the upgrade yet feels like Apple have gone backwards with the all glass I replaced my 4s back like 3 times tbh could of been 4 🙈 then Apple go ahead and change bk to solid backs and I love my 7+ and I don't think the iPhone + is an upgrade tbh and the iPhone X is a total new product which is gonna suffer with tech and build issues so I going to wait and see what the S versions will bring to the table.

    I also think Apple are being a bit sneaky by removing the 256gb option for the iPhone 7 so in effect trying to push the big memory users into the new options.

    I am however going to be purchasing the Apple Watch series 3 I have the series 2 Nike edition and I love it but I'm gonna miss the black edition but then the Spigen shock case will take care of that and I'll swap my straps over so Definitely getting the series 3 😎😊h

  31. I have two phones, Samsung Note 8 and Iphone X. But u know what i use the note 8 more than a $1648 dollars Singapore dollars as u know in Us, it is $1216 freaking us dollars! And the note 8 is $1030 and in us it is $760 us dollars. But, u know what life has to go on. Haha…

  32. the haptic feedback on this phone when silencing it or toggling on or off something in settings feels so good (:

  33. you call that pretty well stabilized??? Don't be a chicken shit. Call it what it is. Extremely poor stabilized. why is everyone so afraid to talk negative about Apple products. Afraid they are going to take you away to a dungeon?

  34. love iphone X, but Price is the main issue

  35. Another great video Arron… I’m not to impressed with iOS 11 on my iPad or the X. I think I’m going to stay with 7 plus and iOS 10 until next year. As any first gen product, there tends always issues. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

  36. you said it works good, sorry to be nitpicking by in my neck of the woods I'd say it works well, great video btw, thanks

  37. Hows the battery life compared to 7plus or 8plus?

  38. Does anyone facing battery issue on X ? It drains fast while using but stand by is good ! If anyone facing nd having solution for this plzz let me know and also in how many mins of usage does ur 1% reduces ??

  39. The music selection was excellent in this video!

  40. Well i hope touch id won’t come back and especially not on the back.. Face id is a bit slower but it is a good replacement.

  41. Have an iPhone 7. The 2 main reasons I'm gonna wait until next year or early 2019 is because iOS 12 will be much better optimized for the X and the price will go down

  42. I returned my iPhone X got an iPhone 8 Plus. Better battery no wonky Face ID and more surface area on display. Touch ID is faster. So happy to have the home button back!

  43. Good intro and honest review…after listening to the pros and cons, I’m on the same fence as you, a larger screen. I’ll wait and hopefully the rumors are true about the next line of iPhones. Until then I’ll continue using the 8PLUS.

  44. An absolute unbiased, neat & clean review. So satisfied with this review. Subscribed.

  45. IPhone X looks like a toy phone with childish icons

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