iPhone X Hands-on Experience!

iPhone X Hands-on Experience!


The iPhone X is finally here, there is a lot about the device we don’t know. In this video we give our full break down of the new iPhone X from Apple.

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  1. I never used any apple products😭😭hope I have one😂😊😭
    Thanks to @Supersaf I find this channel new subscriber here haha…
    #Snapdragon wins

  2. You are awesome! You talk about actual details of the specific product and don't overact or cut too much. You are just professional! Definitely my new favorite Youtuber.

  3. its worlds worst phone ever……………

  4. Your right the I phone x dose feel good

  5. Am an experienced BlackBerry 10 user. Had some demo time with the iphone'10'. I actually really enjoyed using it, first time i've enjoyed an iphone. the copied swipe gestures were second nature and almost efficient to me. That said I would probably never buy it, the lack of universal inbox, the lack of flick to type/swipe to delete gestures, missing shortcuts, no universal inbox and only having recent apps in rolodex are a bit much for me to give up. That said, it was buttery smooth. Might keep ios in mind if you continue down your path of offering cheap batterys, stop doing things like removing headphone jacks, and integrate the recent apps page with the home screen.

  6. you can throw those headphones in the trash boi
    that phone has no headphone jack

  7. https://youtu.be/gXOBpSz-LYo Anyone can help me plz? Is a iPhone X Problem/glitch plz reply all! Help

  8. One of the better reviews of the iPhone X. Your camera seems to have trouble focusing in several spots when you have close-ups of the phone. You aren't filming those shots with a Galaxy or other Android phone? Not trying to knock Android but just curious.

  9. THANK YOU for your review, I just won it from here: bit.ly/2A6TEbS try it!

  10. OLED, wireless charging, no bezels… cool, just like my 2015 Samsung, but in 2017 and more expensive :)) Apple fans, welcome to the present, 2 years late.

  11. The screen is too small. Apps not updated to fit new screen. WhatsApp is awful on iOS. Expensive and not that good. Device was too thick. Camera is insanely good

  12. Having used Apple’s plus size devices for a few years, this, phone seems to feel a bit small. Maybe next time they’ll make an iPhone X plus.

  13. Is the battery any good can you compare to the 8 plus

  14. Nice video sir! You did a great job on this video, I have the iPhone 8 plus and love it. Would you say that the camera on the iPhone 8+ is the same as whats on the iPhone X ?

  15. Thanks for picking the black one. It looks so much better in black !

  16. someone knows why apple only sent silver iphones to review? I am worried as I ordered the grey model…

  17. The front face Cameron the iPhone x is horrible to me I like the iPhone 8 front face camera better

  18. My BLACKBERRY HAS NO HOME BUTTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SWIPE FROM BOTTOM only Cost $100 Bucks

  19. LOL he put this video up so he could beat other reviewers, but he doesn't really have the phone, it's footage from an event…not a real hands on.

  20. The iPhone X is a failed and expensive copy of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

  21. Nice review but shit phone

  22. Who gives a shit about emojis. Childish bullshit . You want some pop up books with that ?

  23. Why don’t these reviews don’t keep it real faceID just isn’t practical. If apple wasn’t cheesy they would of made a haptic senor build in the phone for home button with Face ID as a option

  24. It’s the worse iPhone 📲 yet . The notch fucks the screen and it’s not worth the fucking money .

  25. Is usd 1k really that expensive to the Americans, given that the Americans got one of the highest purchasing powers and strongest currencies in the world. In my country, this thing is 4k plus man.

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