iPhone X Ballistic Gel Drop Test! – Mous Limitless Case Review

iPhone X Ballistic Gel Drop Test! – Mous Limitless Case Review


Mous sent over their new iPhone X Mous Limitless case to do a GizmoSlip drop test! And since ballastic gel + iPhone X + huge drop test sounded epic, that’s what I decided to do! But what do you think? Link to buy Mous iPhone X Limitless Case (Coupon: gizmoslip) – http://bit.ly/2iv0aPC

Check out the full iPhone X Mous Limitless Case Review: https://youtu.be/V7lEPZyi2Jo


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  2. That gel is horrible at stoping a bullet

  3. You had a screen protector on with the case while dropping it.

  4. gizmo cant you give me iphone X pls

  5. Phone Drop Test not even iPhone's but any other Phones are fun or try to check the phone body is strong or not, but don't you think these phones are doesn't broke from the out side but it does broke inside some of the computer small chips which are connected to each others. At the spot when you drop testing the phones that time it won't show any damage or bad effects from outside of the phone body but day by day when you using these phones you will notice that some are the functions are start stop working and you can't find out and finally you drop the phone for repair. Be care full who doing this tests it will broke from inside of your phone computer small parts/chips and you does not notice from outside but it will…… Thanks This is Rick from US

  6. I'm reporting you for showing naked phones!😂😂😂

  7. Do with Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  8. şerefsiz hindiyi kesiyorum diyor aslında türkiyeyi kesmek istiyor
    I actually cut turkey says he wants to cut the turkey. ALLAH damn you

  9. Were do u get all these phones

  10. This is the most satisfying video to ever be made

  11. Fake iphonex look at the top of the phone

  12. You can give phone i reall want that

  13. The naked iphon X went out for a second like if you see it too

  14. I think the phone was bend

  15. G u D U s S H H h H h H H H
    G u D R E D r E D U h H h H s H
    The amount of sound effects he makes I’m ded

  16. you know, that ecosia ad is wierd, it says "are you still using google?", literally telling you to stop google… google owns youtube WTF

  17. The phone have clash of clans

  18. Omg u guys have anything else do stop throwing phone give us we are up hear trying get iPhone 4 and u guys throwing ipohne x🤬😡😡😡😡😡

  19. Do Iphone in basketball from 100ft and of survive give to me (jk)

  20. On ur next drop test can u just give the phones to me instead of trying to break them lol

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