iPhone SE Review – One Year Later

iPhone SE Review – One Year Later


In this video, I’ll be discussing whether or not the iPhone SE is worth buying a full year after its initial release. We’ll be taking a look at its camera, speed, capacity, and overall value to help you decide.

If you are considering buying this device, I recommend checking out this complete review, so you know everything about this device!

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  1. Looking forward to getting my SE next month, I'll miss the bigger screen of my old 6s Plus but I can live with the 4 inch display as I had a 5s before. Looking forward to coming back to iOS (currently using Android).

  2. Im going to wait until black friday but i still cant deside between iphone 7 and se. Can somebody help mee?

  3. I have never even touch an iPhone before. I’ve always been a Samsung/Android guy. Can’t wait to change things up 🤔🤔😀

  4. I'm getting this iphone se in about 2 weeks or later and that will be my first ever iphone I had ever had and with be my first phone I'm using a tablet right now

  5. im watching this on my se

  6. I just got one today. I am 60 years old. I hate getting used to new computers, new vehicles, new wives, and ESPECIALLY new phones. After investing half a day in migrating the things most important to me from a clunky low end Android phone to the newer SE, I must say that the experience is similar to buying my first Mac Plus computer WAAAY back in the day. It is mostly intuitive. Despite failing eyesight and sausage sized fingers, I prefer the smaller phone, since I carry it more than I use it. Sound quality is fine. We'll see how this goes. Nice video, thanks for posting!

  7. I use the iPhone se ifs amazing I love it

  8. Sucks on IOS 11! Freezes and glitches!

  9. going to buy mine thursday 😀

  10. IM GETTING ON CHRISTMAS!! (replacing my samsung s7)

  11. I love my iPhone SE ❤️ it's perfect and gorgeous

  12. My 5 year old iPhone 5 s 64 Gb started being messed up by the first 11 iOS update and wasn’t improved by the newer updates after that. Any drop in temperature and my iPhone that had never had these problems before would just start getting unresponsive and would freeze !

    It’s been so bad, that bought a brand new iPhone 5 se 128 Gb to replace it !

    But I’ve had the EXACT same things happening to this iPhone too !

    These iOS 11 updates state that they are for iPhone 5 upwards but they seem to be only for the benefit of iPhone X owner’s !

    The iOS 11 update before the latest one was meant for precisely to tackle the very same problems that i was having, BUT it was stated that it was to address those problems with the iPhone X with no mention of the other Generation iPhone’s.

    I’m not impressed with apple over this at all !

  13. Yes. iPhone SE is so good!

  14. Im getting this sexy phone tommorow. 😀

  15. Brilliant video helped me make my choice 👍🏻

  16. I love this phone! Im getting it december 7th.

  17. Well, after using my tall iPhone 8 Plus for 3 months already, I still & just switched back into using my iphone SE back again ya! 😅😅😅😅😅

  18. Im going to buy this christmas my iPhone 5s is not working anymore😢

  19. what is the name chase, 00:47 – 00-52 .. please dude?

  20. I bought an iPhone SE 128 gb silver yesterday – I love it 😍

  21. I have never used an iPhone before but now willing to make the shift from a OnePlus one then a Moto G5 plus to the SE… Your video was pretty much convincing for me to make the decision…. Thanks…

  22. Hey bro how to add songs in Apple library

  23. I just switched from Android to iPhone this was the model I chose as my intro to Apple ecosystem I got the 64g for $159.00 from Boost mobile. I really love it. No issues so far.

  24. I grabbed this phone as my business line for around 100 bucks on a whim. Since then my 7 has been collecting dust, I sold my mi mix, and gave my S8 to my dad. The se is my primary personal now. I can't believe I've been carrying around 7 inch television screens in my pocket for the past 5 years. Hope android manufacturers start doing the same. I know Nokia is releasing again but the smaller line of phones can hardly be considered smart. Don't think I can go back to a 5-6 in screen again.

  25. Great video iAppleGeek …. What is the name of music from 3:12? please 🙂

  26. „With out that retard adaptor„ this is art.

  27. I got a se and am looking forward to it thanks to this Video

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