iPhone SE Review! – Best Smartphone Under $400

iPhone SE Review! – Best Smartphone Under $400


Watch me unload my thoughts on the 4″ iPhone SE after two weeks of usage.

Buy it here: http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-se

iPhone SE 4K Video Test: https://youtu.be/OMeCzicnymY

UAG case: http://amzn.to/2gXr6HK
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  1. that was 2016 now it is $108 (cheapest) Metro PCS here in 2018

  2. There is 2gb of ram but it feels like 3

  3. i love the iphone se cuz it's so good den the iphone 5s tho😀

  4. i bought SE and 34 ultrawide monitor instead iphone 7

  5. mega pickle in my pants while looking on iphone se….
    thumbs up if you got mega pickle))

  6. is the se still worth buying now

  7. i got the 32GB Iphone SE for $200 on AT&T Gophone($270 with first month and taxes). I must say, great experience especially for the price. I really recommend it. Good video too btw.

  8. Yes. It runs csr2 fast. But like all my androids it chews battery. Lol

  9. I paid 131 including tax for this model 2days ago new 32 gig all day at Walmart. Minus my discount they are 159. While apple still wants 399. Might have found a short amazon mark up sale. Lol

  10. It's $159 with boost mobile.

  11. the iPhone se is over $400…..

  12. Which colour is the best about to purchase an SE in this week ?

  13. I love the SE (64 go)small factor and updated guts. I just retired my 5c. I'm glad Apple made the SE. I didn't need to change the case HOORAY!!!

  14. I watch movies just fine on a 4 inch screen lol unless your blind who wouldn't have trouble????? Just stupid to say that

  15. "Mega-pickle"! I love it! You made me laugh so hard. Thanks. 😂👍

  16. bro I will use only 6,7 apps, no songs, no videos, maybe few photos. is 16gb perfect for me?

  17. nice video! i will get one tommorrow for my birthday and im so excited!

  18. I just got a SE last week. I switched from a galaxy edge 6 plus and I'm happy I switched. I'm getting used to the small screen but other than that I love it. I might stick with the SE till the iPhone 8 comes out.

  19. Best phone under $400? OnePlus would like to disagree.

  20. Should I cop this poor mans iPhone? Or save up for at lest the 6s.

  21. Se it's the best iPhone,easy to use one hand

  22. Mega "pickle" camera? 😩

  23. I would like it to be my daily driver for calling messaging taking pictures but not for watching video gaming and browsing too much web

  24. Will this phone be able to keep up with the 6,6s and 7 for future references?

  25. mega pickle? 🙂 hehe

  26. Good review! I'm getting the iPhone SE Space Gray 64 GB for Christmas! Is there anything like tips and tricks that you could recommend about this phone?

  27. My Family upgraded from our ancient iPhone 5c's to the 6S Plus's. I like to be able to shove my phone in my pocket and one hand it during use so I think I'll get the SE. You tickled me when talking about the camera and said "megapickle"! Thanks for the review!

  28. Does the ios have imessage games like pool

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