iPhone SE review: A simply brilliant palm-friendly phone

iPhone SE review: A simply brilliant palm-friendly phone


iPhone SE Review: Has Apple been smart here? Looked at the way people are using phones and realised there’s a massive market for a certain form factor – one that’s not only not being serviced in the iWorld, but in the smartphone arena in general?

Apple’s really dialled back the screen and design to hit the price point – but does that make it a brilliant phone? Here’s our full review



  2. Same design = Classic Design.

  3. And how it’s a five and it’s has the 6s chip in it.

  4. Man real talk the Se good you just have your own opinion bro

  5. I compare between this and hwawei p20 lite? Which is really worth? 'cause I get bored of phones quickly.

  6. Best iPhone !! SE all the way!

  7. The most comfortable i-phone to hold was the old 3GS, as it had a very rounded back, and it was a good size for the hand. The gloss finish made it easy to grip, so much less likely to slip out of the hand. Brushed metal may LOOK nice, but it's actually very slippery.

  8. Got an se, again, the other day, and got mad at it today. Sent a text after got one, and I replied, and when I tried to follow up my text, it jumped to this screen with these options to send my new response,. I pressed what I thought was send my new response of my text. It showed no evidence that my text was sent. I pressed this 'new' options a couple of times, but I wasn't sure if my text was sent. I back tracked to the screen that showed me my text message, pressed MY new text, it jumped to that screen I didn't figure out. So I called the one who texted me and asked did they get my last text. They said "No". When I get some money coming in good, I'm getting a Note 8 or Note 9. I like the se, but iPhones are junk.

  9. Nice review! I switched from the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to the iPhone SE, and I don’t regret it! I miss the stylus and edge from time to time, but my Note Edge was really buggy and the battery life was atrocious! I would go through about 2 batteries by the end of one work shift. My iPhone SE has no problems making it through a day at work, even under heavy use!

  10. I am a Apple user but recently I have a straight swapped from my iPhone 7 to Huawei Mate 10 Pro. I liked the big 6 inch AMOLED screen and the camera. But I still like the palm sized iPhone SE. I'm getting the iPhone SE as a second phone for work. It is also pocket friendly. It has 6S spec iPhone but fitted in iPhone 5 casing. It feels good and it feels very like a solid retro iPhone.

  11. Fits in your hand so u can use your thumb to navigate the whole screen. This is the most important aspect because it becomes an extension of my hand. I wish they would always keep the SE updated with new processors housed in the same design. I don’t really care for all the new features of the newer iPhones. iPhone 6: made it too big for hands. iPhone 7: removed headphone jack. iPhone X: made it cost as much as a laptop and all you get is emoji faces and face lock

  12. Great review. Stupid details like "the power button rattles" are EXACTLY what I want in a review. It's the difference between having actually tested the thing, like you have, and looking at pictures or testing in stores, like I am. 🙂

  13. I'd like to see this body go further. Like designs based off of that to sort of give more options vs the old antenna band or rounded everything design

  14. iPhone SE has a way better design than the iphone 6, its a classic design, origanally designed together by steve jobs himself

  15. Small form factor is not niche at all you idiot, There is no fucking choice…

  16. I’ve always owned android phones but we all know android os is RAM HUNGRY it starts slowing down after 1-2 years after a new android os is put out within 2 weeks 18% of all android phones get the update but for iOS within 2 weeks 66% of all iPhones get the update the se is my first iPhone and I’m loving iOS 11 can glitch up at times but is is not even close to a old android os

  17. I miss my SE. But I ain't coming back now that I use an 8 plus

  18. I Replaced my galaxy s5 with the iPhone Se about 2 months ago and can only describe it as a pocket rocket that does everything I need pretty well. The Camera launches quickly but the small screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight, however all photos are of a high standard and automatically download to my iPad mini which is a big plus and I can also view all content on the big screen via my Apple TV box. Speaker phone is clear and Siri handles phone calls, navigation and most other requests with aplomb…I hope that one day we will see iphone se2 with a 4.7”-5” he screen or an iPhone X mini….

  19. Not an Apple fan but i think the SE is a good phone for a first time Apple user coz not too expensive.

  20. As far as I'm concerned, a portable smart phone that takes two hands to operate is a tablet – not a phone.

  21. Why push a change in the body design?? It just adds cost and won't make the phone operate any better!! The design is classic, and very solid looking. It's a PLUS in my view.

  22. I just bought my Iphone SE 32GB on the 30th of Novemeber 2017 and i love it, Yea it's small but i came from a 5.2inch screen and couldnt reach all corners with one hand use so i love this smaller screen size..

  23. Because the old design is freaking awesome. And people bought it, including myself, because we love the design of the five and 5S. I hope they come out with another one with the iPhone X specs inside.

  24. I do miss something that size yes. and I think it is a great idea. Considering buying one as they are also cheaper than the average iphone with all the new advantadges.

  25. Does no one realize this is the Steve edition I mean come on no duh why they went with this design

  26. I really think 3d touch is battery drainer

  27. "Why didn't they make it rounded?" Have you lost your mind??? Why does that matter?

  28. I don't get why people prefer to hold such a slippery phone? The blocky design is way better, in my opinion, you are way less likely to drop it because you can grip it way better. Sorry, but I don't want to feel like I'm holding a bar of soap.

  29. Got it for like 225 USD 32GB(definitely a steal) recently,
    And I thought it was defective or fake because of the wobbly power button.
    Now I feel good, knowing that I'm not the only one:p

  30. i like the se it fits in my pocket.

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