iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing + “Review”

iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing + “Review”


Apple iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing “Review”… a different kind of review. Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want me to give the iPhone 8 Plus away! IPHONE X REVIEW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNk5QLdjsqM Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications



    test/parody its a prank brah

  2. Why is it so big: THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  3. Well, you dropped it on the floor. So, it is probably messed up, therefore it turns off.

  4. I have the iPhone 8, but the plus looks so nice much better, because it’s so big!

  5. I know how you feel because I am using my 8 plus right now

  6. Iphone 8 plus and iphone 7 plus are the same size

  7. I wonder if she knows about the s8 and s8+ and also every I phone is pretty much the same design as the one from the last years Model

  8. I love watching you
    I watched from saudi arabia

  9. I got the same phone for Christmas!! I went from a flip phone to the 8plus 😂😂😂😂

  10. As I am watching this on my iPhone 8 Plus lmao

  11. when I got my iPhone 7 I was so mad because to set it up you need a Sim card

  12. You didnt put the sd card in yet thats why

  13. Is he your boyfriend

  14. Apple is African kaka.

  15. Omg 😮 iPhone 8 Plus one fall hang omg 😲

  16. I knew it was going to fall.

  17. Can i have your old iphone 7! l0l… when you have an iphone 5s

  18. * watching in 2018 *
    *opens box
    2 seconds later
    *drops phone
    I laughed so hard

  19. I got Samsung galaxy J5! It is awesome, bu i still kinda whant the IPhone! 😂

  20. Such a spoiled baby…Jesus !!!get a job or something !!
    You’re so stupid that it hurts girl!!

  21. I have one and I am only 10

  22. My mum has the exact phone

  23. You like a big one or small one ah ah

  24. Why you don't buy IPHONE X

  25. The reason why it is to off is because u are clicking the home butten

  26. SSniperwolf: Why is it so big
    Me: That’s what she said

  27. I'm getting a iphone 8 plus for my birthday

  28. will you give your phone number
    I want to learn english from you by talking to you will you please!!!!!

  29. You are really looking good

  30. OMG I HAVE THE SAME PHONES (space gray)

  31. i know a 10 y/o who has an iPhone X

  32. how does she know what having a baby on accident is like??? lol jk

  33. iPhones suck throw it away and get an s9/s8

  34. my sister has an iphone8+ and i have an iphone6s+ an im only 12 and shes 17 i got my iphone in 5th grade and she got hers when she was in ATL

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