iPhone 7 Plus review

iPhone 7 Plus review


Read the CNET review: http://cnet.co/2bVhUhb
How good is the Plus and its new dual rear cameras? Our photographer took them for a test run in San Francisco.

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  1. oh no when using iphone 7 plus, zooming on photos and videos it uses the secondary cam but in the iphone 7 it doesnt do that coz it doesnt have secondary camera.
    i think it should have some setting wether to use only the wide angle lens or maybe use them both at the same time

  2. wasn't this an iPhone 7 Plus camera review?

  3. So this is a review about the camera, not the phone 👎

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  5. You DON'T THINK it can replace a DSLR camera?! Have you ever seen pictures taken by a DSLR camera? Cause you would be positively certain, it can't replace it. Not to mention it's only a close second to the Note 7. And this is coming from an iPhone 7 Plus owner btw. Make real reviews next time, not unrealistic advertising.

  6. Hey! Do you think they will make good vlog camera's. I got a decent photo camera now, but do you think the iphone 7 will improve the quality of my current video's (check them out on my channel if you like)..

    And would you go for the 7 or 7plus?
    Another option would be to get the iphone 6s plus.? (*discounted price)


  7. Wow 2 whole minutes reviewing the new iPhone.

  8. "I don't know if it's quite up to the level of replacing dslr's…" – lol jesus christ what a load of shit

  9. " iPhone 7 plus is the bigger iPhone 7 " no shit.

  10. Waste of time to watch this video..

  11. im a professional photographer myself, and i think my favorite aspect of an iphone is their cameras. they have made great improvements. very excited to get some good shots once i get my hands on my upgrade .

  12. Holding out for Iphone 20 which will be replacing DSLR and hyper sonic thread micro chip. No more bullshit 1 pixel gain from last model or .5ghz faster chip.

  13. samsung galaxy s7 best smartphone ever…

  14. This was a review? I saw a commercial, no more. Really sad.

  15. you now have to take out a loan from the bank to buy a phone. no thank you

  16. but nobody is going to like the price.. its worth 199. thats all i would pay for this. over 700 wtf.

  17. well, this is certainly a good camera review, but where is the review of the phone itself?

  18. They should have named this iPhone 7 plus camera review. They didn't mention anything else.

  19. for the past few years we are still stuck comparaing smart phone with point and shoot camera hence its of no use.

  20. Whats the name of that place he's taking photo off, the one with the graffitis

  21. Apple made someone say, 2x zoom is incredible! XD That's the real achievement of the iPhone 7.

  22. iphone 7Plus Camara Review

  23. lumia 950 xl camera can easily beat that one.

  24. always wanted manual controls for the camera on iphones, it seems like kind of a waste to put so much effort into the camera of the phone but still take away almost any control of it, it's such a shame because apple has the ability to make it really easy to get a whole new generation of people into photography but they're holding back for some reason. Other than that marketing this as a 'zoom' lens camera is kind of a lie, the telephoto would be nice for portraits though

  25. that innovation of the two chambers crap we already have with leica Huawei and Apple is better than never innovates

  26. camera looks to plain trash

  27. does the iphone 7 has front flash like the 6s?

  28. iPhone 7s : 3 CAMERAS and no charging port

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