iPhone 7 Plus Camera “Real World Review”: A DSLR Killer?

iPhone 7 Plus Camera “Real World Review”: A DSLR Killer?


iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test “Real World Review”: A DSLR Killer? http://froknowsphoto.com/iphone7plusrwr/ download sample RAW files right here.

Let’s start of by putting one thing to rest, the iPhone 7 Plus is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being a DSLR Killer.

This is the first time I am doing a “Real World Review” with a mobile phone but due to all the hype about the dual camera system of the new iPhone 7 Plus I think it’s warranted.

All images shot with the Apple iPhone 7 plus using ProCam 4 App shooting RAW and editing in Adobe Lightroom CC.

Read the full review at the link above.

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  1. What's about Sony Xperia xz2 premium the low light King of 2018.. also in video

  2. Appreciate your honesty and balanced review, Jared!
    My lovely Nikkor 50mm 1.4 will never be outpaced by the iPhone 7 Plus, but you are totally correct: you can get some very good shots from it…..I know because I just scored one from Virgin for $299😄

  3. Kids and Stuff pressing the buttons

  4. Those photoshopped hand shots got me every time.
    Absolutely hilarious!

  5. whats wrong with helmet ??/ lmao

  6. LOL of course he's going to get you to take a picture of them. He knows you're a surefire way to get a good picture of them

  7. Hi Jared, any chance you could make a video to show how big you can print an iPhone photograph? That would be great to see!

  8. Quite good. But why are you shouting all the time? Calm down.

  9. Jesus fucking christ! iCrap a DSLR killer! Go fucking jump in a lake!

  10. I really enjoyed your video. I think that you make some points that does not apply only to the iPhone, but usually to smartphones. Like grip (smartphones are easy to carry, but I think that when actually shooting a dslr is a lot easier).

  11. Fro. Man. That is absolutely theeee Best Panorama photo I have laid eyes on in my 22 year existence. Love the clarity in your video man, you explain stuff so well.

  12. I love watching your videos, including this one, but I'm amazed you're hyping up this useless phone camera. The so-called blurred background with the cupcakes on the table is laughable. The cakes are right in front of you and the building is a long way off and you're raving about that 'tiny' amount of background blur? The low ISOs look like hi ISOs on a standalone camera. The skin tones look terrible. iPhones are not only overrated, but their cameras are overrated too.

  13. bro after watching this I won't be surprised if he comes up as a pedophile 😂

  14. Did your big haired head know that on Iphone 7 you can take pictures by pressing Volume buttons Up or Down? This way you don't need to stretch for a center button.

  15. Top pro photographer struggling to take a selfie.

  16. Man! That’s awesome. Now I am 100% sure that every single dollar I will pay in this phone after tomorrow is worth it. Thanks for that fantastic video.
    PS: I like how you are always enthusiastic in every second in the video.

  17. I'm still watching it but I'm curious as to if it's a legitimate raw file capability

  18. 15.20 = we got a pro tog ere boys

  19. "it bit me on the butt and I will remember it in the future" 🙂

  20. He brought up taking pictures of kids to many times haha

  21. He is broken matt hardy.. 10:26 yeaaassss

  22. At some point in near future smartphones indeed will be able to outperform DSLRs in almost every parameter. Larger sensor is not actualy better quality. Human eye can see things which DSLR cannot. I mean in low light conditions, in pitch black room if i put a candle and you are 10 meters away i will see you perfectly with my eyes.With no noise on top of all. Even the most expensive DSLR will require additional lights. Another thing is if i stare at the moon and stars. My eyes see the stars instantly, even if i am in mixed light conditions, city lights etc. So human eyes debunk few myths heavily promoted by DSLR industry:
    1) Larger sensor means better quality than smaller sensor especialy in low light conditions- tell that to my eyes.
    2) Long exposure is required to see the stars. Really? Because i see the stars instantly. I can ran,jump, move and stars not get blurry.
    3) Heavy tripods/optical stabilizations are required to not have blurry image. My eyes produce sharp image at all conditions.
    4) My eyes are on full auto mode yet beat any manual setting of DSLR
    So human eyes debunk all myths promoted by the larger sensor DSLR industry. How fast is the processing of the image, how good is the autofocus. That is much more important. Thats why smarthphones will make the DSLRs obsolette in few years.
    The only time where DSLR have advantage is long range shooting. optical zoom is advantage of the dslr. But other than that no real advantage.So if the target is closer smarphones will be much better choice. I was impressed by the results of iphone 7 plus when my friend took few clips on the playground. And samsung galaxy and sony xz premium are also very good options.
    So iphone 7 plus is not DSLR killer yet but its one step closer to do so.

  23. Well this just begs the question, what phone has the best camera?

  24. Fantastic photos a lot of info truly enjoyed

  25. "You gotta be discreet" one second later yells bike! Lol

  26. Im sorry man I like your info but your AFRO WHANT TO BE is killing me…That is NOT a Fro.

  27. can you do a camera review of the samsung galaxy s8

  28. Bro i never thought you'd be this cringey

  29. We can love our DSLR's all we want – but most people and especially millennials will be using the phones as their rig. There will always be a difference – but when 90% of people are using the phone hooked to social media – it will reduce the demand for DSLR's. We are in different times –

  30. Love how enthusiastic and positive you are thanks!!!

  31. You were really, REALLY stressing me out throughout the entire video.

  32. That moment when people compare phone function instead of phone camera with dslr. Dang.. gave me cancer.

  33. 42 mins of just wanting to cut his hair… hahahaha

  34. Clickbait title. Everybody with a cubic inch of brain inside their skull knows already that no smartphone can rival even entry level DSLRs.

  35. why dont u turn the grid on?

  36. Not having camera movement is easy to control on the iPhone 7+. Attach your wired ear buds and use the volume control as your shutter release. NO MORE MOVEMENT!

  37. The Bob Ross of photography!

  38. Very Informative man. Just bought the 7 Plus on the back of this Upload and Camera Review. Keep up the good work.

  39. This a masterclass I must say. thank you so much for video like this . You're cool man. good work keep it up. God bless.

  40. This was so inspiring! Thank you!

  41. what ratio was used 16:9?

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