iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Review

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Review


iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Review

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  1. He never mentioned the taptic engine, HUGE update over previous models!!

  2. I'm Selling My iPhone 7 If Anybody Is Looking & Doesn't Want To Pay The Apple Store Prices.

  3. Seriously?!
    Plug your headphones in the 3.5mm jack and charge it?!
    Don't you know reported cases states that plugging headphones and charging at the same time can make the headphones burn?!
    You just can't say anything and all reviews had always been cliché…

  4. Sir i have a oneplusthree. Should I buy the iphone7 ??

  5. 1:39 I literally jumped when he threw the iPhone th beer

  6. Just a question: the iPhone 7 Plus records better videos or makes just "better" images?

  7. I love the new home button

  8. I personally really like the new home button. It's easier to double click and I think it feels really cool, but that's just my personal opinion


  10. I'm still using a Nokia 220. lol I think I am the only person out of all of my friends and relatives that still uses a buttoned non-touchscreen phone. (btw I'm 23) I used to have 2 iphone 3G's many years ago. After those 2 I just decided to stick with regular phones.

  11. After 8 years of owning nothing but iPhone, I thought of switching to Android just to give it a try. I got an LG V20 and although it was a great phone, I only lasted about a month with it. I just couldn't get used to it and I missed the iPhone so much. Although it's been the same layout since 2007, I cannot be without one; talk about a first world problem. So, I got an iPhone 7 yesterday and all is well again.

  12. I love iPhone7 matte black, satisfied so far.

  13. What is there to review about an iPhone? Its the same shit every year except they add a little faster cpu, little better camera, etc.

  14. So slowly the sgnal even i contct my friends on app like viber, we chat etc, ooh cmon this is new i buy i phone 7 but why is it poor connection, any solution…

  15. any one know the translator app he used ?

  16. matte black or silver?

  17. How is nobody calling BS on that comment about 12 hours of looped video playback on the iphone 7. Can you atleast try to be realistic?

  18. Jet Black feels like a 3GS…..

  19. i gusse silver is better than black

  20. Come on there is nothing new or exciting here, pretty much the same phone with very high price tag.
    I just don't get it, I personally believe there is nothing exciting about this iPhone

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