iPhone 6S two years later- still worth buying? (2017 Review)

iPhone 6S two years later- still worth buying? (2017 Review)


UPDATED REVIEW – https://youtu.be/lvYfXRUjGcY
The iPhone 6S was released two years ago and was a beast of a phone. Does it still hold up in 2017? Should you buy the iPhone 6S?
Buy from Amazon.com – https://goo.gl/gxfLJv
iPhone 6S vs SE: https://youtu.be/JSoynEtj0AM
iPhone SE Review: https://youtu.be/9eVGK4YfIvA

So overall, yes, the 6S is still worth buying in 2017 🙂

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  1. The how long the iPhone 6S for support four more years

  2. Have my 6s 64gb for 2 years and it’s awesome

  3. Feels pretty good in your hand 😉😏

  4. I think my next phone will be an iPhone 6S 64gb model just because I almost dropped my 5.5" phone 3 times today. Btw I subscribed

  5. Watching with my iPhone7 Gold📱

  6. I’m watching on a iPhone 6

  7. I got mine for $225, it's 16 gb but I use the cloud for photos and music so I can't fill it up

  8. I went from a 6s to a X I think it’s worth the change but then again I use a lot of apps and the 6s wasn’t holding up at school

  9. wow, a day of battery life is now called "decent". I charge my 2014 year xperia once in 2 days if I use it normally

  10. I just bought the iPhone 6s on Christmas Eve. It's quite good. Lightning fast and certainly an upgrade from the 5s I had.

  11. My iPhone 6S is My daily Driver

  12. 71 bad people

    well……..nothing really to say……

    why are you still here go watch another video.

  13. I mean everyone has the 6s

  14. Yes it is i just got one its same as the 7 lol

  15. I have a iPhone 6s Plus but it has FCC labels

  16. The reason the 6s is so much faster in the real world is because it features an insanely fast ssd ~ google it.

    That is THE DIFFERENCE between the 6 and the 6s. IOS is now build around the fast ssd and the slowdowns on the older phones is most probably because of it waiting for reads.

    Low ram won't make ios stutter. For slow downs to happen because of ram it would need to swap memory onto the flash storage. IOS does not use swap. If IOS runs out of ram, it'll close the oldest apps and if it still runs out of memory (crashsafari.com) than it will die and reboot.

  17. I'm getting one for Christmas! Don't hate, I like this phone 👌

  18. 7 is waterproof which is a big thing, don't sleep on that

  19. I have a iPhone 6 with IOS 10.? But like a late IOS 10 because I don't like IOS 11

  20. Can we see an iPad mini 2 in 2017?

  21. Thank you such a big help! Will buy this bec Iphone 7 is way expensive . 😀

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  23. This dude sounds like he does the Causally Explained videos….

  24. Just bought mine. Hopefully it comes on ios 9 so I can jailbreak it🙏

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