iPhone 6S Top 10 Best Apps

iPhone 6S Top 10 Best Apps


App’s List!:
1. Save The Duck! ( Top App) – https://goo.gl/vFjlHi
2. Hopper- https://goo.gl/PNDy2z
3. Wifi Mapper- https://goo.gl/fyFWt2
4. Camera51- https://goo.gl/JEQtm1
5. Dropbox- https://goo.gl/680Xsv
6. TwoDots- https://goo.gl/WXQ2j4
7. Google Calendar- https://goo.gl/q4cYzt
8. Radical- https://goo.gl/tI9bLN

Top 10 Best Apps for iPhone 6S and iOS 9 devices.
Hey Guys,
In this video I’ll be giving you 10 of the must have apps for the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. These are apps I use on a daily basis and recommend for everyone to try out. All these apps are free so that’s an extra bonus! The links to these apps will all be linked below. Thanks for Watching!


  1. Can you download tik tok app in iphone 6s?

  2. Ugh…. I just want free music so I won’t have to rely on Wi-Fi and data all the time! 😑

  3. I can't find the Pext App. Is anyone Here you Know How it's called? Best wishes from germany

  4. I am from Perth Australia

  5. After ship app is really good to track packages

  6. Best recommendation … Waze…

  7. Hi ! , i talk english .. nice to meet u 😉 ;DDD

  8. hi I have a question I watched ur video and downloaded the app and it says 3,350$ but it's that dollars or Mexican money

  9. now everybody knows where u live xD

  10. give me the music on 0:30 or i will tell copyright

  11. Waze is excellent! I use it for years now! Recommended!

  12. thanks for the tips mate – any negative comments below SCREW THEM! Keep the videos coming!

  13. there is an app which has speedometer too.

  14. is that iphone 6s ,,,i have hawai phone work the same nothing different

  15. you spend hours but best is 16 ?

  16. rose color??? oh come on!

  17. Ty for taking time out to show us some good apps 🙂

  18. There is something weird with this comment…

    Yup You've guessed it. scroll down

    #Read #More

  19. Pext is no longer available on the AppStore after Pinterest bought it

  20. Awsome Apps Thanks Buddy 👍👍👍

  21. Hmmm I wonder what happened to Pext. I searched the app store and got: No results for "pext"

  22. Your voice annoys me for whatever reason 🙃

  23. i wish you list the apps, what is the name of the first app

  24. I will buy the iphone 6s + black which is spacegray i guess, thats best color 😉 Well gold is good too but i think its more likely for girls. Silvers/ spacegray for boys

  25. The fact that you constantly tap your screen repeatedly while waiting for apps to load is incredibly annoying. It won't make the apps load any faster. You wave your fingers rapidly too. Calm down.

  26. Thanks for your sharing. Really love your videos tips.
    (From Singapore)

  27. Hello everybody,

    i am new on youtube and created my first video on my chanel. If you want you can check it up THX!

  28. iPhone 7s is coming sooner than what expected. Hit the thumps up if you want it now ? Haha

  29. The iphone 6s looks really good and I want it.

  30. Why would you get that color?

  31. Could you please put the list on the description? This was a great video, thanks a lot~ 8)

  32. its pink yo … NOT rose gold

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