iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Camera Review

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Camera Review


Our iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus camera review is in. Does the iPhone’s new 12-megapixel sensor bring back the keys to the kingdom for best in class camera on a smartphone? Find out in our review of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cameras!

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  1. i just got a six plus back dated. i expected a better camera for what they charge for this phone new. i had a motorola L7 that took great pics cost 150 dollars or less. also there is no zoom , what is wrong with zoom. frames and has some things im not even up on if i have it down but no zoom. the color is ok. .. not to sure about this i expected better and camera is all about the phone. please add a zoom lens and some other effects. im not sure what phone i used ot have that had effects and zoom and loved it ..

  2. Iphones look cool non covers

  3. What is the best iphone or android
    Please anyone answer me

  4. Camera is not good at all… as compared to Samsung phones

  5. i might just get the ipod touch
    cuz i don't even really need half of all the great things it has to offer
    even though I know its all good

  6. Not sure if this is a camera review of the 2 phones as stated or a comparison video. I legit hear Note 5 for like every 10 seconds, no hate but I wish I could hear more about the said phones and not about the Note 5.

  7. Iphone 6s plus got front camera flash or not??

  8. I like how they stepped up the mega pixel game on the front & back.

  9. Hi. I find your video really informative on how good are the photos taken on the iphone. Thank you!

  10. been gone a while, where tf is Noah?

  11. if you keep clicking on 3:42 it would sound like 'dick' xD

  12. Being honest, the main camera on the iPhone 6 and 6+ doesn't look that great, that's the only way I can put it

  13. Im usually inside and i wanted to see what the picture would look like

  14. cough Samsung a9 13 mp cough

  15. Do you understand about pictures? 😂

  16. Is there a 2.7K option? or just 1080 or 4K?

  17. Aye I'm from Nashville 🙃 and I've been to the Parthenon. I didn't know you lived there?

  18. As far I can see the only advantage of iPhone 6s/6s plus' camera is in low light situation.

  19. u said iphone 6s plus is the first Iphone use OIS? I dont think so… iphone 6 plus has already dude

  20. Who give a fuck what he thinks

  21. why does he have to speeeaak like that like a sine wave!

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