IPhone 6s and 6s+ Review – The Best Phones of 2015?

IPhone 6s and 6s+ Review – The Best Phones of 2015?


My thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Enjoy!
Dbrand Skins – http://www.dbrand.com/d2d
Music track: FILI – H2O
Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur
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  1. When you’re watching an iPhone 6s Plus review on an iPhone 6s Plus

  2. 2019 is coming soon but i'm still using 6s.

  3. Who knew this was the last time we were watchin a headphone jack on iphone!

  4. well, ios is good enaugh to make me switch from android

  5. Dave i wish u do a review wearing a formal shirt!!!!!

  6. space grey or silver guys?? please advise 🙄🤔

  7. Is that a skin on 6s? Where to buy that?

  8. This Guy Has a Phone with 16GB RAM, My Computer doesn't even have 8 GB

  9. "Kim Kardashian will live this flash!"

  10. Almost 1 year later and the battery on my only last about 3-4 hours which really shucks

  11. Kinda review which I don't wanna skip some seconds… Keep it up Dave 🙂

  12. I'm currently using the iPhone 6s 64GB. I came from a 5s. It's a big upgrade. The speed is great. Games work flawless on it too. 3D touch is enabled but I rarely use it.

    So far, this would be my main phone for 2017.

  13. You live in Toronto, Canada

  14. "I dont have crazy fast internet" ?? Dave come here at the Philippines and you'll realize that you're goddamn blessed. lol

  15. Samsung phones? Better colour accuracy? Rubbish

  16. Hey i phone 7 will not have headphone jack

  17. im always wondering… in every phone review that ur doin, u always have a customized skin color from dbrand… w/c is really cool
    but when i go to their website, the color teal or blue/skyblue???
    is not even an option…
    so is it possible to maybe order for a color of our choice???

  18. Really nice wrap-up at the end. I love those animations, good job man!

  19. You forgot to mention TAPTIC ENGINE

  20. i hope i can buy iphone…

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