iPhone 6 Review from an Android User

iPhone 6 Review from an Android User


I took a look at the new Apple iPhone 6 running iOS 8.0.2. I also talk about bendgate and let you know if it’s worth buying. This is not an Android VS iOS video.

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  1. iPhone 6 is better than iPhone X.

  2. My iphone is a IOS 10.3.3 and its running very smoothly unlike my friend has a IOS 11 sometimes lags

  3. you guys are funny walking around with your broken iPhone. everybody at work. sit down on it breaks, drop it breaks. drop my Android today again, swung at it and accidentally knocked into the street still working not broke, you support cheap a77 company that could care less if you can use it and only wants to sell you multi phones in a year

  4. What is that custom rom on his one plus?

  5. Exactly man bend gate is a bunch of bull crap I seen this guy put huge pressure on the phone 📱 I have a 6 plus nothing wrong with it and everybody is still buying one

  6. IPhone very cheep fone I hate IPhone

  7. Is The IPhone 6 Good With A Good Day Use Without The Battery Diein'.? How Many Hours Will The Battery Last After A Full Charge.? Thanks Again.!

  8. I have a Samsung Galaxy s 5 active, I push buttons, (home button, files, back button) I like it..

  9. New samsung and iphones are for basic people normal people don't need an expensive phone.

  10. The thing about iPhone is that not all people love to customize their phones. Some people just need basic functions on a reliable software. For me, I just send messages, call, check my email, and watch Youtube. Games don't exist on my iPhone. I guess that is one of the reasons why 80% of businessmen around the world have iPhone in their pockets. It's just my opinion.

  11. you're complaining about how the Camara sticks out on my Samsung the Camara stick out a fucking inch

  12. u r d true reviewer dis is d best true review of iphone 6 tysm😊

  13. That fish "vase" is way too small for a betta fish. Please do your research before purchasing a beta fish because the bare minimum amount of gallons that they need is 2.5. Although your fish may survive, it will not be thriving or happy. This is in the same way that a person can survive in a small room but would not have a good quality of life.

  14. Android = manual w/clutch V8, IPhone= CVT V4 automatic

  15. iPhones are also made from aluminum, they are also way overpriced.

  16. I have an android phone that has a physical home button, and I like physical buttons. but the back and tabs buttons are touchscreen.

  17. steve jobs…thug life!!

  18. ALways apple is a best protect

  19. I switched but i lost all customization features

  20. Very good coverage and commentary.Hats off bro

  21. there is something called assistive touch

  22. Apple – minimum bugs, best camera quality, best design, best build quality, highest no. of apps in apple store, no heating problem.

  23. its a fake model the real one is a bit wider

  24. I prefer iPhone over Android, because I just like iPhones ( I used to have a s7 edge)

  25. OH MY GOD i am never going to decide what phone to get!

  26. Comparing iPhone with Android is incorrect.
    iPhone is a phone, Android is a platform.
    IPhone 7 vs Galaxy s7 edge, IPhone 6 vs Nokia 3310 etc would be the right way to compare products.

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