iPhone 5S iOS 10 Review

iPhone 5S iOS 10 Review


iPhone 5S iOS 10 Review! iOS 10 update brings many new features to your iPhone 5S and this video we review iOS 10 for iPhone 5S! Leave your comments, questions, suggestions below this video 🙂

iPhone 5S iOS 10.0.2 Review

iPhone 5S iOS 10.1 Review: https://goo.gl/wQqnao

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  1. I Had An iPhone 5s From Uncle Hieu On December 24, 2016 But On June 18, 2017 Mommy Took It Away Because I Did Not Pass My Test

  2. please please please please please do something about iphone 5c please please its my humble request

  3. One of my friends has a iPhone 5s and just upgraded to IOS 10 for the iPhone 5s

  4. I still have this phone lol

  5. can we send files from an iphone to android and reverse

  6. To the people that expected more from this update….this is probably just 60% of iOS 11. It's beta….And if I'm wrong….This update is SICK…I don't care if people say "THIS IS IT??!?!" Or "Kys apple" because you might as well be lucky that apple updated at all….jeezz.

  7. 2:29 so your name is Tiffany huh

  8. after charging it 100% and without using it a day what will be the charge left on it(on the next day)

  9. Thank you for posting such excellent reviews and comparison! This really helped me in getting a replacement phone since I recently lost my 7 Plus 🙁 The 5S is still a solid performer for the price!

  10. Hey nick i will buy ip5s 16 gb any reactions?

  11. Holy shit it's April 2017 and I'm still on 7.0.0

  12. make a review on iPhone 7 and iPhone 6

  13. I waited months for iOS 10

  14. love you ipine 5s 😎😎😍😍😍

  15. Hey man! In messages how do you get the photo of contact? I thought in 5s its not working. It depends on model or what?

  16. How did you did that on imessage that displays a contact photo , I have Iphone 5s too .

  17. how long will the iPhone 5s get updates

  18. 6:21 how did you got the little circle near the contacts name i have the SE and it doesnt have it 😐😐

  19. Who saw Donald Trump at 5:20?🙂☺

  20. I am buying the iPhone 5S tomorrow. Is it still worth it in 2017?

  21. best iphone ever is the 5s, second one is the 4s…

    5S is modern, fast, etc
    4S was a huge advance for Apple, unfortunately they fucked it up by updating it to the ios 9

  22. ios 11 beta about to come … do a review on that

  23. the marker at the beginning gave me goose bumps

  24. your microphone is so shitty, so loud o pops everytime…

  25. Classic provision swing contrast T-shirt resolve combat black

  26. Should I buy iPhone 5S in 2017 now up on the channel: https://youtu.be/BWHvlJT_qkc

  27. Good day, Nic! Just recently found out about your channel and you're doing an amazing job, man! Really like the vlog you do about real time usage of phones. Speaking of which, my iphone 5s lasts only about 4-5hrs of texting (low brightness/no games etc).. do u suggest replacement? Im afraid i might get the battery replaced only to find out this usage time is normal. Thank u

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