Instagram BETA for Windows Phone Walkthrough | Pocketnow

Instagram BETA for Windows Phone Walkthrough | Pocketnow


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At long last, the official Instagram client for Windows Phone was released to the Windows Phone Store earlier today in the form of a public BETA. We go hands-on with the official application in this video!


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Instagram BETA for Windows Phone Walkthrough | Pocketnow



  1. Wtf.. ?? When the IG beta out of the windows ?? Phone.. we can do any story on this uselese BETA 😥😠😧

  2. Do you know if you can’t get in to your DM then do it on your photo comment

  3. Can u text on the 6tag app?

  4. Can you text on that app?

  5. @WTR él pianista chat is Available now!

  6. how do you chat in this instagram???

  7. How do I get out of the beta?..

  8. I have got a Microsoft phone, I cannot find Instagram BETA but only Instagram in which I am stuck where I am supposed to create my user name…..WTF????

  9. instagram BETA was shit

  10. De q me estáis hablando jajajjaja lo siento esq no entiendo el ingles :V lo q quiero decir esq to instalo en.mi Nokia el instagram beta y después de unos minutos se me sierra ya hora me tengo q meter en instagram por el gogle es mas chebre asi por gogle pero la verdad esq me gustaría tener la app q ago???

  11. It's been 3 years and Instagram Beta hasn't been updated. It works extremely shitty for me. I can't send or recieve DMs, and every time there's a video on my timeline or I want to view a video, it crashes. I can also no longer see who's liking or following me. Instagram Beta needs an update.

  12. 3 years but no dms how is this human

  13. why dont they have a video thing yet and will the beta ever go to the full instagram instead of the beta

  14. If u already used instagram on an android phone and u want to use instagram on windows phone , will u have to create another account or just log in normally

  15. only complaint I have is it kicks me out like every minute.

  16. I still use 6tag as you can actually get dms,and why the hell did they release it as a beta why couldn't they just copy Samsung and iPhone and fully release it

  17. Name maidya soetiaman my phone lenovo Android me langersam putrise me

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