Insta360 Air REVIEW: Best 360 Camera for Android Smartphones?

Insta360 Air REVIEW: Best 360 Camera for Android Smartphones?


Is the Insta360 Air the BEST 360 Camera for Android Smartphones? We take a look in this Insta360 Air review! *** Insta360 Air: (Amazon)


Insta360 Air: (Amazon)

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— Insta360 Air REVIEW: Best 360 Camera for Android Smartphones? —

360 videos are an awesome way to add a completely new dimension to your videos and take interaction to the next level. With a wave of new 360 Cameras, it’s clear the technology is improving incredibly fast and the cost of getting started is becoming more and more affordable.

Facebook and YouTube also both now support Live 360 feeds, showing the big content platforms are investing significantly in the technology. But if you’re looking to get started, with so many 360 camera options it’s hard to know which is right for you…

As far as convenience is concerned, it’s hard to look past a number of options coming out now that allow you to do 360 video right on your iPhone or Android device.

On the Android 360 camera front, the Insta360 Air is one of the standouts – but is it the best 360 degree camera for Android smartphones? After spending some time with it we put together our thoughts and experiences on this 360 Android camera to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

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  1. Bit the bullet … just got it & yes I can connect external mic with 90degree TRRS adapter

  2. Hey, does it have a timer option or can you take pics using Bluetooth?

  3. my phone not support OTG, can i use it ? how ?

  4. You mention power options, can you use a splitter of some sort to be able to connect your phone to a power source while also using the insta360 air? I am trying to find a 360 camera to live stream with for several hours straight without breaking the bank.

  5. Have taken it to 1440S HD..It still looks like crap

  6. okay, how do I export the videos to PC? Is there really no other way then to open every video and export them to "local" and copy them after? There must be a more senseful way? Where does the app save the raw-files? I'm sure it's nothing more than just one video with 2 fisheye-images side by side?

  7. Justin Brown – What happens when You are recording and get a Phone call?
    Can you do ANYTHING else while you are Recording? Texting, Music?

  8. @justinbrown at 0:45 what tool do you use to impose the insta360 airs on either side of your face?

  9. I have an S7 Edge record in 3K?

  10. Has anyone tried this with an LG G6? Saw another review where someone said they had trouble with it but have not confirmed. Thanks in advance.

  11. Can the air be used with a Android tablet?

  12. Would you buy this over the gear 360 2017 version? And are you using some type of gimbal so that the video Is so Smooth?

  13. Good stuff. Do you know why the quality settings say s next to them? Like 480s.. I've never seen this before as it's always 480p.

  14. Bought this #360Camera back in February. It's great. I would love KineMaster to update their app to handle 360° Editing…

  15. you and your videos are simply awesome…

    Even I am planning to buy one for me … I would also like to make my videos in 360… after all its the future of Video making…

  16. That is pretty cool stuff, I have seen a few of the 360 videos but hadn't thought about making my own until now, thanks for the information.

  17. Can the camera save 360 images and video files locally if we don't want to go live?

  18. When I look down it looks like the camera is floating in the air lol

  19. I just got Samsung S8 plus. Would this be better than the Samsung 360 that only works with Samsung Android phone?

  20. You are doing great job
    really like your all videos
    continue with……..☺😊

  21. very helpful! Thank u. funny thing….I had to pause ur video for a sec and when I got up and had to walk to the door….U were still moving around but no sound. it was weird, I could still pan around without it in play. awesome!

  22. thanks for the video, your insta360 Nano video is the reason I bought one. I love the Nano. Keep the great videos coming.

  23. don't think I'm feeling this on thumbs up for the info though

  24. Justin…reading reviews on Amazon it says you can only edit with Adobe Premier Pro and that it overall, it is really not Mac friendly?

  25. Hey Justin, Great Video!

    Can you tell me what tripod you were using while walking around? You were pretty steady there.

  26. nice video! liked it..
    btw: who wants some M&L tips!subscribe everyone to my chanel

  27. I never even considered using a 360 camera until watching this video. Nice hardware and great explanation. looks like a future purchase. Thanks Justin!

  28. Thanks for your timeliness in sharing this review, Justin. I shared it to my Facebook group right away. I'm going to apprise them of your free green screen training, too. You are rockin' it.

  29. Wow, the image quality is awesome Justin! Thanks for the great information. Can you tell me how is the memory consumption as compared to recording without a 360 camera? You mention 3k resolution so that would suck up a card pretty quickly?

  30. Hi Justin..loving your videos…how about a review of computer monitors for video (and photo) editing?

  31. sir hi u may know I'm ur regular fan who comments on all ur vids

    btw will u pls make a video on how to make videos of high quality without budget I mean for example by just using bulbs and stuff making new lights so we can use for making vids and more stuff

  32. can you share the green screen setup link you can use

  33. good video Justin. keep up the amazing work. 🔥

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