InFocus V5 Hands on Review – Best Cheap Octacore Smartphone [4K]

InFocus V5 Hands on Review – Best Cheap Octacore Smartphone [4K]


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InFocus Introduced new smartphone InFocus M560 With 16 GB Internal memory and 2 GB RAM,LCD touchscreen 5.6 Inch Display of 1080 x 1920 pixels Resolution.InFocus M560 has 1.3 GHz Octa Core processor and 8 Mp primary ,5 Mp Secondary Camera with LED Flash .It comes with Android v5.1 (Lollipop)InFocus M560 Price in India is R.s. Not Available. More InFocus M560 Details are Below.


  1. is it lag after used?

  2. Does someone know if it's possible to install Cyanogen on it?

  3. Would I be able to play Pokemon Go on this phone?

  4. Greetings,
    Was wondering how responsive the GPS navigation is with this phone, with either Google Maps or Waze? Does it result in any stuttering or cause the phone to reboot?

  5. Hey would you recommend this or the Redmi 3?
    i mainly use phone for photos, Facebook and Snapchat and not so much calling or texting.


  7. I bought this phone but it is running 2 things I don't know what for and request full app permissions:
    pandora's box & pandora's box services.
    I not sure if this is malware. Is anyone able to tell me if their device has this? it is listed in settings – apps. it cant be disabled or uninstalled. I don't know why it is there/what purpose it has but it is listed as a core system module.
    not sure if I just don't know about it (and I can't seem to find any information) or if this is deeply embedded spyware.
    can someone please help

  8. does this have smartwake like double tap

  9. camera samples pls sorry for my bad english

  10. De repente un comentario en español

  11. the battery is removable?

  12. Can someone link me to the sample photos? 🙂 Thank you!

  13. Should i get this or a redmi note 2 pro?

  14. The film shows a model M 808 instead of M560. Cheating.

  15. Does it heats up a lot when playing games or shooting videos or taking photos?

  16. Can someone tell me there opinion on this phone if you own it?

  17. momentmal – 23 euro ??!ich glaub der preis von 5 euro würde besser gehn

  18. Can you show CPU-Z specs too?

  19. nice work ! very good video !
    bug 1 question – what means sos in german? (im a german guy – sry for bad english)

  20. love when u say that “there we go”

  21. Probably 1 Of The Better China Phones ATM For The Price Especially For What U Get, Got 1 Ordered. Cant Wait. Tnx For The Video Guys,

  22. Can you do an Review on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2? 😀

  23. Wenn ich mich nicht täusche macht InFocus für gewöhnlich Beamer ,oder?

  24. I'm going to buy it right now!

  25. looks like a Nexus 6p and iPhone had a baby lol

  26. Nice phone for the price. One thing: Could you please provide a hand full of pictures shot with the tested device in the video? It's always hard to see the quality of pictures on a mobile phone screen in a video. Maybe you can add a 10 sec testsample of video quality too? Just a suggestion because the camera is a bigger thing for me when buying a new phone 😉

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