I switched from the Samsung Note 9 to the iPhone XS MAX – Was this a mistake?!

I switched from the Samsung Note 9 to the iPhone XS MAX – Was this a mistake?!


My experience switching to the iPhone XS Max from the Samsung Note 9. iOS isn’t easy to live with!
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In this video i will tell you about my experience trying to switch from the Samsung Note 9 to the latest iPhone, the iPhone XS MAX.
I will talk about the downsides and the upsides moving from Android to iOS.

iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 Camera Comparison: https://youtu.be/Os_36edVl14
iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 SPEED TEST: https://youtu.be/hr_DWYxbzNw

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  1. I just don't get it…..it's not even an option with that filthy notch

  2. Androids are made for virgins

  3. Androids have a built in minecraft filter on the front facing cameras when filming video

  4. Basically the iPhone is "So Stupid" great comparison thanks.

  5. 1080p vs 1440p who care about that on a 6,x” device. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. Dude you got notch on your head🤣

  7. Very nice review honest to both sides I had iOS for many years still have my iPad but android as a phone. I just love the customisation and the phone I chose was in the same price range as a apple device.the days of having slow android phone are well over also looking at iOS layout for many years when you buy a new device to turn on the phone and it looks the same just like your previous phone exactly the same icons were now I can put any themed on weeky bases and air drop is realy good but would choose a phone based on something a would rarely use. And iMessage in 2018 is not needed or facetime unless you think it's superior I can call my son in anyway on his note 9 and so can iOS what should be happening 2018 is that both platform should be compatible I feel that a particular company does not want this and I believe apples will loose a large number of consumers because the world is moving on and what was good years ago doesn't seem to have changed on iOS Apple has lost me and my wife and my 2 sons many thanks Steve

  8. Good video man… I have the N9 and the Xr as I enjoy both, but the N9 is way more productive and I can customize it every day.

  9. Agree with the shortcomings, but having both devices (Samsung from work, iphone from my own money) , i find the iphone better in every way, android and samsung have their own drawbacks, and they are still not as polished as the iphone. I like the refinement.

  10. Is the screen area on the iphone max really bigger? Take into account the size of that notch and it probably works out to be smaller or barely any different.

  11. you make the xs max look big on the thumbnail

  12. I really like this video review!

  13. I had heard through the internet grapevine is that iOS 13 is going to be a fairly large overhaul to the os. 12 was intended to be what iOS 13 is supposed to be. But supposedly iOS 11 was such a problem for people, they pushed it back a year and focused on optimization and fluidity for 12

  14. Window pc/laptop and android phone. Iphone and mac. It's unfair to say that it takes more time to get pics from a mac to an andoid phone than to an iphone.

  15. I bought the iphone xs after 5 days, I switched to Note 9. It's a much better phone. Not as boring as XS.

  16. does android slow down over time ? I'm worried i made a bad purchase because i have used samsung galaxy forever so today i ordered the iphone xs and am worried if i should go s9 plus

  17. they will charge an extra 200 for home screen customization with the next iphone .

  18. Although I prefer iOS over Android, I cannot really disagree with what you said. It ultimately comes down to preference.

  19. I'm with you on this…iPhones are missing so many features. I'm a Note 9 user also and can't wait to see what Samsung has in store for the S10 and Note 10! Great video, thanks

  20. I hate that the note 9 isn’t as powerful , but Apple doesn’t use that power for multitasking like I want. Note 9’s ability to use more than one app is hugely motivating for me to switch. I’ve been an IPhone guy for a long time , but have been on the fence about switching to the note 9 ever since it came out.

  21. Who still uses a mac? This is isn't 2002 my nig

  22. Yes it was and tbh nobody cares

  23. Sold my Note 8 to get the iPhone XS max 512. I regret it and am looking around for another Note 8 in deep sea blue color.

  24. Woooooowwwwww bad idea

    Just kidding 😂

  25. Depends how much you value iOS v Android on a tablet phone with a stylus and all the versatility that brings. Never understand why Apple don't bring out a separate, scaled down version of their pencil for the XS MAX?

  26. I would love to switch to apple but the crazy price I cannot afford that then I would wan to jailbreak it asap because I would wan to run other apps. Also if your poor u can find very easy ways of getting free apps of course I pay when I can I wouldn't call myself freeloader. I just like the ability to play emulators and have that nostalgia factor . Although there are some games I would really love to play on iPhone but the price vs experience isn't there . If u get android u can do 90+percent of what apple can do and some that apple can't . And it's not like I'm getting crap I have galaxy s9+ and I love it there's always something new I can do with it or learn I love that exploration.

  27. Oh, and EXCELLENT analysis!

  28. I switched to Note 8 last year because I was disappointed in the iPhone X having been a user for many years. When the XS Max came out I grabbed one. Kept it 5 days before going to the Note 9. Android, with the exception of my music, is better. It offers much more customization and other benefits. To each his own.

  29. Next year, you have to buy charger from outside becoz you will just get apple stickers in the box.

  30. Bro, foarte tare recenzia!
    Keep up the good work forward coming!

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