Huawei Honor 5X Review! – Best Smartphone Under $200!

Huawei Honor 5X Review! – Best Smartphone Under $200!


Here’s my full review of Huawei’s new Honor 5X Android smartphone, perhaps the best smartphone you can buy right now under $200. This is going to be available in the U.S. starting January 31st, you can pre-order it on Amazon here:

My full write-up review here also:

If you enjoyed my review, also see my full review of Huawei’s flagship Mate 8 here:

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  1. I have this phone but how do you set up the finger print scanner?

  2. Hey Max, how's the GPS on this phone?

  3. is it $200.00 OR $200.00, I am confused, should I buy the $200.00 one or the other one which is $200.00.

  4. is this phone under $200? he wasn't really clear

  5. Nice to see the Galaxy S4 again. With CyanogenMod I got over 45000 on antutu. Gt9505

  6. nice editing job there trying to hide your number. TOTTALY didnt see it…

  7. This video really helped me but one question, how much is it?

  8. A Max Lee video but everytime he says "$200" is gets faster

  9. upgraded from nexus 5

  10. Wait I didn't catch the price… 😂

  11. I have the honor 5x and I say that its one of the best huawei mobiles

  12. how about the gaming performance of this phone

  13. Great Review! I am in the market for a new smartphone and this review was very helpful.

  14. does it require a sim card to start

  15. Go for the nexus 6, I got mine for 193$ and it has an IPS display and a 5.95 inch display. At least consider it.


  17. 500-600$ for this? bruh this has SD 615 not 810/820

  18. am i the only one repeating the begining with the music XD????

  19. I got mine for 119.99 on Amazon

  20. how much does the phone cost? It seems pretty interesting .

  21. I picked one up for $119.00 on Amazon prime day as a back up for someone in my family.

  22. Pretty exciting about getting this phone until I realized it had no WI-FI calling. WTF!!!!! Its 2016 and they had WI-FI calling for years on even cheap phones.

  23. So how much is the phone?…

  24. Saw it on primeday right now for $119

  25. Is this a good upgrade from a Nexus 5? I love my nexus 5, but the battery life and storage sucks. All I do is browse the web, youtube, twitter, snapchat, facebook, netflix, basically not a lot of gaming (or no gaming at all). I just need it to have a good battery life, has to be snappy, and have expandable storage.

  26. Too bad in Europe its around 250$

  27. whats the difference between a micro sim and a nano sim?

  28. can u tell about accessories?

  29. is the non removable battery a problem?

  30. Plzz do the review of huawei of gr5

  31. Why am I watching this with my Honor 5x lol I've had it for like 3 months

  32. Meizu m2 note and m3 note full hd IGZO screen for 200$ or even less!

  33. you think this would be faster than an lg g2?

  34. R u planning to shift to Honor 5x, want to transfer old phone data like Contacts,photos,videos,sms,mms,call logs, calenders,WhatsApp chat history from old phone, quickly without PC/cables or Cloud. Try SmartIO App

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