HTC Windows Phone 8S unboxing and first impressions

HTC Windows Phone 8S unboxing and first impressions

Matt is back to look at HTCs latest Windows Phone, the HTC Windows Phone 8S.
In this video we get to see the device unboxed as well as some initial opinions from Matt


  1. After resetting I cannot download application from the store again they're asking for activation code to activate my account

  2. its not 100% red its kind of orange

  3. can i remove all tiles on homescreen ??

  4. Only Microsoft and Nokia can create outstanding windows phones

  5. the only thing did not mention is its got beats autio

  6. HTC Windows Phone 8S or Motorola G 8GB?

  7. GOONER-defo buying da phone now

  8. Which one would you buythis phone or the nokia lumia 520. Thanks

  9. Can you install apps to SD card? And can you set it to automatically save pictures to SD card?

  10. Dan Stevenson why dont you buy a micro sd card when you buy the phone

  11. Is the memory on this phone as bad as I am hearing? I have heard people saying memory is full after installing 3 apps???? I really like this phone but don't want to buy it if memory is that bad. Many thanks

  12. there is 2 different phones you div!

  13. I am planing to buy thi phone. but which colour is best for this model?

  14. have one i really happy to have it

  15. *facepalms*
    Remove yourself from life.

  16. I had same idea, Bad idea. Windows phone Is the worst. And if u get tierd of windows phone then u cant even flash android into it. Get some dual or quad core android.

  17. Damn i hate that phone.[For these who want this phone] get LG F5 (reasonable brice and good phone) or something better. Android is the best (Y)

  18. i'm gonna get it tommorow

  19. i found a front camera near the htc sign it is not as visible to notice how to use it is a mystery

  20. Yes, You can have music , photos and videos on the micro SD

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