HTC One M8 for Windows vs Lumia Icon

HTC One M8 for Windows vs Lumia Icon


They’re the two best Windows Phones on Verizon Wireless. See how they stack up when we put them head to head, and then check out our full review of each at the links below!

One M8 for Windows review:

Lumia Icon review:

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HTC One M8 for Windows vs Lumia Icon | Pocketnow



  1. It's 2018 and I bought myself a Lumia Icon

  2. Can it make a difference by not being a mobile Windows, not a regular Windows?

  3. Lumia 1520 vs HTC One M8 Which One The Best ?

  4. icon/930 is better
    950 xl is even better
    hp elite is the best!

  5. I had an Icon for almost 2 years (loved it!) and dropped it a few months before my upgrade. The insurance provider ONLY has the M8 available now… Guess I get to try both!

  6. +Pocketnow how did you get the lock screen at the beginning of the video?

  7. I'll tell you what, I watch all sorts of WP reviews on YouTube.. but I'll always come back to Pocket Now simply because I love all the Star Trek in the videos!

  8. I still have my 1m8 in 2016

  9. I have Lumina 930/Icon – and you CAN it turn on with double tap on screen…

  10. what is the type of lockscreen on each phone? i got an lumia 925 and dont have it. Did you download it?

  11. que bloqueo de pantalla usa en los celulares

  12. Thanks for the videos. Still enjoy them mike. I have htc with android and love it. My stepfather needed a bigger screen because of his bad eyes. So i gave him the htc. I have tried the windows phones and coming from a linux guy really did not cared for the titles. I left windows echo system back in 2010 after couple months using windows 7. My last favorite microsoft os omg!!!!!!!! Was yes actually windows vista. I never had any problems because i always max out my systems.

  13. Can i change of OS, i mean…i have a HTC ONE M8 with WP…i want to change to android…can i do it??

  14. hello can i have a free damaged windows phone?

  15. witch one is better for inner ears headphones music listeners? nokia has dolby right?

  16. weak battery life -.-

  17. The best technical review very detailed and in depth.

  18. I had the lumia 930 is better than the htc m8

  19. Another Fan of you from INDIA… Thumbs Up!!!!!!   Great Reviews… The last part that you say that its our choice and our priority that which one do we wanna choose is true. Coz it depends what we use….

  20. I like the lumia better.

  21. Both are my Favourites ……:)

  22. Man the m8 is so disgusting with the lower black bar and the buttons almost half way into the screen!!!

  23. How can you say there is no difference on the battery side? Go to GASMARENA and check it out. That just proves one more time that AMOLED screens suck. They draw too much battery. Web browsing of the HTC was a huge 12hrs the Lumia could only get 4:30. For a top of the line phone that is bad!

  24. I love Micheal s reviews. He gives a detailed and insightful description. Bravo

  25. Icon has no IrDA in opposite to M8

  26. I would say the Icon is the better choice.

  27. whats the lumia icon anyway? is it the 930 4G version in america or what? we dont have it in germany~

  28. It's 4 ultrpicksel camera

  29. I'm looking for a windows phone but I don't know which to buy. Any recommendations?

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