HTC One M8 for Windows Unboxing & Hands-On | Pocketnow

HTC One M8 for Windows Unboxing & Hands-On | Pocketnow


UPDATE 8/26/2014: Our full HTC One M8 for Windows review is live at Pocketnow: /2014/08/26/htc-one-m8-for-windows-review

We took HTC’s new Windows Phone flagship for a spin. Yes, it’s the One M8 with a different operating system – but oh how sweet that must sound for some Verizon customers, who up until today had but one modern option for a flagship Windows Phone: Nokia’s Lumia Icon.

How will the One M8 for Windows fare in our full review? Only time will tell. For now, enjoy our unboxing and first hands-on treatment, and let us know what you want us to cover in the comments below!

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HTC One M8 for Windows Unboxing & Hands-On | Pocketnow



  1. is this prepaid only

  2. I have an Android but I might switch to WP in a year or two because of just how fast and fluid it is.

  3. Could I just root my m8 and dump the os onto my phone

  4. @AndrewCorlett really? You won't miss that 42 megapixel camera? The newest iPhone has 8…

  5. @LuisPerez windows phone is much more light-weight than android. That's also why it took so long for quad-core windows phones–we didn't need them, because windows phone runs pretty damn well on a dual-core.

  6. Great Phone with a better UI

  7. Windows 8.1: The worst thing to happen to the best phone on the market.

  8. @TarikJasim Yo face android and apple are too similar. Diversity…

  9. I hope this comes to T-mobile i love HTC and windows phones

  10. will it be available in india 

  11. It is not a HTC phone, it is a windows phone. if you know what i mean.. 

  12. i hope it eventually comes out for t mobile, whether the m8 or just a htc windows phone in general because i love htcs new hardware and windows phone os is my personal favorite.

  13. HTC in all cases with HTC sense 5 and 6 have the most sleek and best looking Ui hands down. So simple but at the same time, anything but that. 

  14. so why couldn't they just give us the option to choose between windows or android instead of having a whole new phone?

  15. awesome phone, Awesome UI.

  16. There is also the Samsung Ativ SE on Verizon for those that want another high end WP. 

    Love the look of the M8 with windows, but I wish the camera wasn't such crap.

  17. Hey Michael, can you dump the system image and post on XDA? It might help port wp to the android version and eventually get dual boot ( which would be awesome with a 128gb SD card)

  18. Does it come with the grey casing like the andriod M8?

  19. HTC One M8 for Windows vs HTC One M8 GPE PLSSSSSS

  20. Great news, good to see other large manufacturers returning to WP thanks to WP8.1. I hope that will give the platform the much needed boost in sales even though I, too, wonder how the phone will be without the Nokia apps.

  21. Jesus Christ Windows mobile OS is so ugly!  It just looks cluttered and too boxy with all those tiles taking up every inch of the display.  I seriously don't know why anyone would like that…..

  22. windows phone = Nokia Lumia 

  23. Dear developers Get yall ass to work and make the ROM for us

  24. Hopefully the GSM version launches soon, or hopefully I could switch my One M8 from Android to Windows and back nicely.

  25. I feel like at this stage it's hard to recommend anything outside of Nokia for Windows Phone. Hopefully HTC steps up on the software side of things.

  26. Yes, yes, yes, give us a full review of this baby! 😀

  27. HTC one m8 will be the new hd2. It already has a lot of design elements from it. Once this is released I'll be sure to ditch my Oneplus one if XDA actually manages to do the nearly impossible but still possible once again. I was one of those hd2 owners and got the phone right as nand android really started to pick up on it.

  28. awesome! and you guys really should give windows a try i have learned to love and the app market is not a valid excuse any more

  29. Now I'm waiting for Nokia's answer to this phone.

  30. Brace yourselves… Windows ROMs are coming

  31. Giving away an iPod 5 on my channel!

  32. Want to see how the One M8 Windows Camera app performs

  33. Hopefully it'll dual boot.. Hd2 all over again… Ftw

  34. I dont feel right about this phone
    Remember back in 2012,the 8X and 8S had the same spec as the 920 and 820…but now Microsoft doesnt support wp 8.1 for the htc phone 🙁
    i dont see fair here

  35. I love this! Good going HTC for having the same phone run different OS's. More OEMs should do this

  36. As always, I love Ur reviews Sir Michael Fisher, stunning! 😉 👍 🍻

  37. I really miss my windows phone after moving to iphone 5s! I miss those tiles and good battery life! Although i phone is really a good one when it comes to its premium feel!

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