HTC HD2 Running Windows Phone 7 | Pocketnow

HTC HD2 Running Windows Phone 7 | Pocketnow


Full how-to: Finally, the HTC HD2 can run Windows Phone 7. Not everything works, but basic functions like calls, SMS, WiFi, and all built in applications work.


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HTC HD2 Running Windows Phone 7 | Pocketnow



  1. i have problim on my phone htc hd2 i want to install windows 10 but i dont know how please helpe me
    contact me at facebook walid daimoun

  2. marketplace isn't works? so no whatsapp?

  3. maybe someone can help.  I cannot get email,marketplace,or web to work.  Somehow or another i cannot get to the web.

  4. Is it possible to install whatsapp?

  5. windows phone 8 has already been ported to the device go over to xda developers and type in windows phone 8 hd2 and see

    and yes frankly the best smart phone ever made no other smart phone on earth can boot every phone os even standard windows os can boot on this device

  6. get iphone, jailbreak, download dreamboard, same thing

  7. would it work on a coolpad 4g phone

  8. Is it possible to download apps (like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.) on this phone?

  9. "Let's take a picture of the wood". *Click*. Dat Wood.

  10. Does the marketplace already work now? Because that would be the only reason to download this sh*t

  11. Some custom roms don't have working Calling options, nor yeah it's a good thing

  12. Android is far behind the Windows Phone 7 in optimisation, smoothness, responsiveness.


  14. The HTC HD2 is HTC's best smartphone they have manufacture to date, the design is simply beautiful.

  15. all functions that he stated as ''not working'' are working with newest WP7 roms…sometimes is a little tricky to get xbox and marketplace working but it is possible to get them…

  16. not all SD card are compatible with WP7 …unfortunately there is still no a list of compatible SD cards but with my experience sandisk cards work the best.

  17. hi there, i'd like to know if sd cards works om this wp7 thc hd2?

  18. can u run what's app on it?

  19. all OS can put in , It LEGENDARY .

  20. Can you type sideways with it?

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