HTC 7 Pro Windows Phone 7 Hardware Tour | Pocketnow

HTC 7 Pro Windows Phone 7 Hardware Tour | Pocketnow


Next up, we’ve got our hardware tour of the HTC 7 Pro. In terms of internals, it’s got all of the usual suspects; 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 576 Mb of RAM, 512Mb ROM, 8 GB internal storage, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, Assisted GPS, etc. It’s also got a 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash, 1500 mAh battery, and 3.6″ LCD screen. The big thing about the HTC 7 Pro is the keyboard though. It’s got one of the best-designed easiest to use mobile device keyboards ever made. In the video below, you’ll see a little bit about how it compares to the other best-designed mobile device keyboard; the HTC Touch Pro 2. Something else that’s unique about the HTC 7 Pro is it’s spring-loaded tilting screen. No longer do you have to manually tilt the screen up when you want to view something at a better angle; the 7 Pro pops it out as soon as you put the slide-out keyboard in motion.


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HTC 7 Pro Windows Phone 7 Hardware Tour | Pocketnow



  1. watching this on my m9… man times have changed..

  2. @bakalov85 Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm really interested about this phone but I think Sprint has no longer have them in stock. Hopefully HTC releases a successor!

  3. @TheCrashProject, No, the chrome finish on the sides doesn't wear off. I carry it in a case, of course. I have used the phone for 5 months. I like it so much that I consider buying a second one, the same one 🙂

  4. If anyone can read this, please kindly answer my question. Does the chrome finish on the sides of the phone wear off? Thank you.

  5. @CLVega18 does it have calculator? hahaha

  6. i think this stuff is wp 7 version of desire z….

  7. this smartphone is so sexy… confused to choose it or mozart… both of them are really cool stuff

  8. @Jonathan07252 -_- Yes this has a mobile browser. It's a smartphone.

  9. @mcbrokeass
    So it's the worst review ever because he said 'little holes' rather than grill?? :')

  10. worst review ever! Little holes all around the keyboard. Thanks for stating the obvious mr obvious. It's called a grill!

  11. Do this have mobile browser?

  12. @tyetus1010 its 3.6" Super LCD screen and has a 480×800 pixel resolution and 4 point multi-touch

  13. The display is not S-LCD?

  14. I liked the bit where you nearly dropped it.

  15. @iluvmycuz25 so far only sprint and they named it HTC Arrive…

  16. @button4boy i suggest you get your eyes checked. At 4.00 he wants to show us the cool caps lock and function leds but can't obviously. if you can't hear the "Oh.. this is off" have your ears flushed as well while you're at it.

  17. @repo4 how is he surprised when it turns off? You were watching THIS video right? Cos after reading your stupid comment I actually looked out for tht… but he is blatantly aware that the phone is turned off… fail.

  18. @Zebri I totally agree with you, I've got a Snap and the keyboard is incredible! However WM6 is a bit out of date now…

  19. Incompetent fool, bring back brandon.

  20. What a moron. First he removes the battery while the phone is running then he`s surprised that it`s switched off. I love these "experts".

  21. WTF that phone is ugly as sin

  22. this is ridiculous 2 video and still nothing about phone's os. not even a little preview. just get on with it Adam. No time for watching video's in blts…

  23. @mattunited100 It's called htc mozart

  24. will this work in the US 3g?

  25. lol you almost dropped the phone when you were taking off the battery cover!!

  26. the speaker location..
    means we won't hear anything if we put it on the sofa.

  27. Can he be more boring.. Sorry, don't mean to be mean, but I'm just used to Brandon cheery voice.

  28. I want to see this thing disassembled already.

  29. @aseercte283 WP7 is slow? slow? really? The one thing that WP7 beats android hands down in is what you had to bring up as it's deficiency? Sad man. Just sad.

  30. Window 7 phone are slow and android always will win windows phones no matter what just cus of the open source roms. And kernals and themes its the best out can't beat it

  31. 4:02 Of course the device is off! You removed the battery! 😀

  32. I love my touch pro 2 but it get's slow rather quickly and the interface on this looks great! can't wait to upgrade:D

  33. @daverave40 Android is not crap. Depends on what phone you use it.

  34. is there a android version of this or close at least cause its awesome

  35. No adjustable tilt angle and no stereo speakers 🙁
    I'm due an upgrade and i'm currently using a TP2. I love the keyboard which is why I'm gonna continue to hold on to it. When this was first announced I was gonna jump but year old internals, same size LCD screen and low storage have put me off. Where are the WP7 with loads of storage?

  36. In my opinion the Snap got the best HTC keyboard don't u think so to?

  37. that screen is washed out son needs samoled!

  38. @eldomi530 It's going to be for Sprint..

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