HP’s Elite x3: possibly the last great Windows phone

HP’s Elite x3: possibly the last great Windows phone


Incredible hardware, Win32 apps, Continuum: this is the first Windows phone your friends are going to envy.

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  1. some people have said that this phone has some issues and it does not work as the advertising says. In my case , i am waiting for the Microsoft Surface Phone .

  2. I have seen several people who had had bad experiences buying this phone

  3. Sent mine back after 2 weeks of crashes, APPS that didn't work, naff looking design including Fisher Price speaker grill. I used to love Windows phones (Lumia 1020. 1520) but this is an over priced poorly executed effort from HP. Roll on Microsoft's Surface phones next year. Lets hope that have some APP writers help it work.

  4. I thnk it should be no problem to run a full windows in that phone, because it has a better spec than my laptop.

  5. The good things from Windows Phone is much safer, faster, never lag and the most important applications are available and if not then there is 3rd party applications like tubecast

  6. Lack of applications really kill Windows phones. If they can fix that i might try them permanently instead of just having one as a backup i got for free.

  7. They need to bring this phone to Verizon this would be my next upgrade if they do. 🙂

  8. Now all they need is to put some effort into advertising this phone, and Windows Phone may actually get some attention from the average consumer.

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